Letter to the editor - climate change is a scam
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Started by madmechanic - Jan. 30, 2023, 12:44 a.m.

Here is one for you Mike.

I came across this letter to a newspaper editor rebuking an article the editor published. The letter is dated June 2021 and was written by a retired US air force officer who also lists himself as a "certified consulting meteorologist".

Here is the link


In my opinion his letter is written pretty well, citing many of the points you and I have discussed here about the earth being warmer than it is now during the last couple thousand years.

The part I would like your feedback on is the reply comments towards the bottom of the page. The vast majority of the commentors are absolutely blasting the letter's author by claiming he is clearly denying the "scientific consensus".

I found this letter when I was doing a Google search for "climate change is a scam" just to see what came up. Obviously the majority of links are for articles claiming how climate change is the doom of us all but there were some websites that held the position it is a scam and gave reasons why.

I guess more than anything I get nervous/anxious when I start reading a lot of public comments that uphold the mainstream narrative that climate change is doom and will be the death of us all. Despite the years of reading and forming opinions/arguments of my own to the contrary.

It seems I still have a ways to go in my mental health recovery regarding this topic if I can be so easily pushed into a state of anxiety just by reading comments from a public mob.

By metmike - Jan. 30, 2023, 4:17 a.m.
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This is a great topic to discuss here MM!

You're not alone being stressed about this stuff. My wife gets that way too and is not happy with me sometimes for bringing it up too often.

There's little doubt that part of the game plan is to scare people into thinking that we're destroying the planet and must act aggressively to do A, B and C or we lose our planet forever.

Starting with young children that have been indoctrinated into climate religion. 


As an active, practicing environmentalist and outspoken meteorologist for 4+ decades, if we were really destroying the planet, I would be posting something every day here to try to make a difference in order to avert the climate crisis.

Instead, when discussing the topic its often exposing the convincing sounding DISinformation, exaggeration and diverting of resources to fight a NON problem, using counter productive measures  for political agenda and crony capitalism ....and wasting time/money that could actually go towards legit environmentalism!

By metmike - Jan. 30, 2023, 4:37 a.m.
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These are just some of the 100+ threads that we have here, exposing the deception that uses  words with empirical data/evidence and science based on physical laws. 



Pretty crazy to live in a time of human history with so much technological development and educational tools that so many people believe in things because they want to believe in things that aren't true..........propaganda/DISinformation.

Ignorance is bliss for so many folks because human cognitive bias causes us to aggressively fact check things that we don't want to believe but give a free pass to things that we want to believe in.     Even crazy things, like not seeing the planet greening up from the increase in the beneficial gas, CO2 but instead, seeing it as pollution because very busted and not being adjusted global climate models programmed to amplify the actual warming are the climate bible.........especially for climate scientists that work for the government.(most of them).

If the IPCC says it in one of their reports.......it's climate Gospel. 

It trumps the scientific method and critical thinking. 

Climate religion. Faith in something and people based on wanting to believe, despite the hard/authentic evidence to prove it, not just being lacking but paling compared to the evidence to show that it's NOT a crisis.

If somebody gave them 20 pieces of evidence, 10 that suggested a climate crisis and 10 that proved it isn't a crisis.......they follow only the 10 that they want to believe in. 

This actually is human nature but is also the ANTI scientific method.

By madmechanic - Jan. 30, 2023, 3:36 p.m.
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Mentally I find it hard/taxing to shake this from my consciousness. It has been a problem ever since the end of 2018 (damn you IPCC and AOC with your big mouth).

I find myself on any given day going between feeling confident in what I've studied, trying to confirm to myself that CO2 is not a problem, that a bit of warming of this planet is not a problem. Heck, we are still technically in an 'ice age' considering we have areas of the earth that are still pretty well permanently covered with ice (Greenland and Antarctica). We have geologic and archeologic evidence to show that the earth ahs been warmer during times when humans were around, times when Greenland wasn't covered with snow and ice and was in fact green. Times when life thrived with the warmer temperatures.

Knowledge like this normally brings me comfort.

But then I start reading the comments of the mob, the masses, the people who are so firmly entrenched in their conviction that the world as we know it is going to end and we as humans are FULLY, 100% to blame.

I just don't know how to tune these people out, to go about my day and not be affected by their rhetoric.

By metmike - Jan. 30, 2023, 8:06 p.m.
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Your feelings are very understandable.

As a scientist, I look at everything analytically, using critical thinking, the scientific method and always based on empirical data and physical laws.

We share a commonality because your mind, like with most engineers works that way too.

Atmospheric and oceanic science degrees, like the one that I got from the University of Michigan were in the school of engineering.


However,  I graduated with a couple of people that have went on to bigger and better things than me who completely disagree with each other on the climate crisis.

Jeff Masters was in many of my classes, is a brilliant guy but is a big climate alarmist that exaggerates the heck out of weather events.


Roy Spencer was just ahead of me but thinks just like me And you.


So if the science is supposedly settled and gatekeepers want you to believe the completely bogus "97% of climate scientists agree" hogwash(I'm in that 97% by the way because it includes those that think the warming is beneficial). Why are there so many INDEPENDENT atmospheric scientists like me that disagree with the fake climate crisis narratives?

Scientists coming out of the woodwork-no climate crisis! October 2019


The reason is that climate science was hijacked by the United Nations. They created the IPCC, that rewrote climate history to eliminate the Medieval Warm Period and write the climate bible with their reports for all governments, including their scientists to follow.........climate religion based on a political agenda and NOT climate science.

The Climate Accord has nothing to do with climate. It's an aggreement by all the worlds nations to take actions which support sustainable development by stifling and taking resources from the over consuming rich nations and giving them to poor nations. 

I'm actually cool with the objective of that idea, as an environmentalist that stresses conserving natural resources, helping less fortunate people in the world.........but they friggin hijacked my field of expertise and are sabotaging my efforts to educate people with authentic science.

In conversations with people that have no idea this is going on, I can get pretty revved up and expressive, rattling off fact after fact after legit fact to debunk the fake climate crisis with authentic science that blows them away because they've spent years only hearing the climate DISinformation/propaganda and have no clue what the truth is.

So I hear/read you loud and clear MM!

I will NEVER bring the topic up to my wife and when SHE brings it up or somebody in our company brings it up, as soon as I open my mouth, she says "that's all you ever want to talk about!"

On MarketForum that is very true,. Note the 100+ different threads with dozens of posts. This venue provides a unique opportunity to show data, graphs, science, math and proof of the fake climate crisis to offset the forked tongue words and distortions/exaggerations and junk science and misleading/DISinformation/propaganda. 

For the day that MarketForum goes away, I've already copied 130 threads with thousands of posts on my computer with all the links and sources for the proof that the climate crisis is fake.

Where else could I have done such a thing or been able to reach so many people?


Also, several years ago, I totally acknowledged that they won their battle to convince people that there's a climate crisis and there's nothing I can do to change that..........except express myself here in a positive way to enlighten people with open minds.

Wasting negative emotions and being frustrated  going up against something much bigger than me is always going to be a losing effort. 

So I'll concentrate on something I'm good at........showing authentic science and providing insightful trading information as moderator on Marketforum and making friends like you while doing it.

The world around us can be going insane or loaded  with people that take advantage of people that want to believe things that are not true...........but so what, MM?

We do what we can to live an honorable life, tell the truth, help others and maximize the enjoyment of the many wonderful things in this best age of human history.......then not let other people determine my/our happiness or enjoyment of life because they violate principles that I think they should be held accountable for but are getting away with.

MM, I actually found the  greatest peace in spending so much time focusing on the messages in the many hundreds of posts in these threads:

Use this to help makeyourself a betterperson!