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MarketForum is a message board for futures and options traders, as well as equity traders.  The Forum was launched in January 1999 by Alex McCallum and INO.com, and has been operated independently since September 2003. Access to MarketForum is free of charge.

MarketForum is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and welcomes everyone who has an interest in talking about, or learning about, the futures, options and equities markets. MarketForum has two separate forums to accomodate discusion of trade-related and non-trade-related (NTR) topics. You can find the NTR Forum by hitting "NTR" under Forum Category List........or by scrolling down below the Trading Forum while on the "Home" page.

If you intend to post messages on MarketForum, we suggest that you take a quick look at the Forum Guide for helpful user information and the Forum's rules.

MarketForum is now owned by Alex McCallum's wife, Kate McCallum.

Inquiries about MarketForum should be addressed to the Moderator.

The current Moderator, metmike(Mike Maguire) has been an operational meteorologist since 1982 and trading commodities influenced by the weather since 1992. From 1982-1993, he was chief meteorologist for WEHT in Evansville Indiana.


Mike lives with his wonderful wife, Debbie in Evansville Indiana. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He has been the chess coach for Scott Elementary, Oakhill Elementary, North Junior High and North High School since 1995. 

Meet Mike and his Dad, Frank Maguire here:



This is what Mike did previous to trading commodities:




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