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The Lion, The Tiger and the Donkey                              

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By joj - Aug. 30, 2022, 12:37 p.m.
Successful Marriage
Re: Successful Marriage

:Successful Marriage

Re: Successful Marria

My wife helps me be a better husband.  She is so generous iin her spirit, her manner and her actions that I feel compelled to reciprocate in kind.

She asks one thing only.  “ Please water the flowers”.  By that she means little acts of love on a daily basis.  A plant dies if it doesn’t get water.  Similarly with relationships.  

It could be something as simple as a note in her nightstand saying how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful life partner.  Once in a while I call her and sing a verse on her voice mail.  Another thing she loves is when I randomly clean the kitchen or floors and say nothing about it.

It comes back 2-3 fold.  “Why don’t you call one of your buddies for a boys night or a golf outing” etc…


She says “I was put on this earth to make you happy.”

Re: Successful Marriage


      By bear - Aug. 19, 2022, 8:28 p.m.            

short article about the fake climate crisis.

and here is their list signed by scientists that say that the climate change crisis is fake.  



August 19, 2022

Twenty-One Bad Things About Wind Energy — and Three Reasons Why


19 – The claim that wind energy is “green” or “environmentally friendly” is laugh-out-loud hilarious – except for the fact that the reality is not funny at all. Consider just one part of a turbine, the generator, which uses considerable rare earth elements (2000± pounds per MW).

The mining and processing of these metals has horrific environmental consequences that are unacknowledged and ignored by the wind industry and its environmental surrogates. For instance, just the rare earths of a typical 100 MW wind project would generate approximately:

  1. 20,000 square meters of destroyed vegetation,
  2. 2 million pounds of CO2,
  3. 6 million cubic meters of toxic air pollution,
  4. 29 million gallons of poisoned water,
  5. 600 million pounds of highly contaminated tailing sands, and
  6. 280,000 pounds of radioactive waste. (See this, and this, and this.


Again, our modern society is based on abundant, reliable, affordable electric power. All these specious claims for wind energy are simply part of a long line of snake oil sales spiels – intended to fool the public, and to enable politicians to justify favoring special interests by enriching various rent-seekers (which will then return the favor via campaign contributions and other reelection support).

They get away with this scam primarily for three basic reasons.

1 – Wind proponents are not asked to independently PROVE the merits of their claims before (or after) their product is forced on the public.

2 – There is no penalty for making bogus assertions or dishonest claims about their product’s “benefits,” so each successive contention is more grandiose than the last.

3 – Promoting wind is a political agenda that is divorced from real science. A true scientific assessment is a comprehensive, objective evaluation with transparent real world data – not on carefully massaged computer models and slick advertising campaigns, which are the mainstay of anti-science evangelists promoting political agendas.

By WxFollower - June 22, 2022, 7:07 p.m.

Mike said:

Neither political party has a franchise on the truth.

If you believe one party all the will believe in lies some of the time.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Re: Sotomayor praises Clarence Thomas

By 12345 - June 21, 2022, 9:25 a.m.



Jan 6 Quote. "Team Crazy" vs "Team Normal"
Started by joj - June 13, 2022, 3:58 p.m.

Kerry wants to push back hard on energy infrastructre.

Started by TimNew - June 8, 2022, 3:50 a.m.


  By cutworm - June 3, 2022, 10:49 p.m.            

           "i would not believe everything you see on the internet"


Climate overview video and a positive article
Started by madmechanic - April 13, 2022, 4:22 p.m.


True humility may not be what you think


Started by WxFollower - Feb. 17, 2022, 4:53 p.m.


Jan. 13, 2022, 12:10 a.m.

 Wayne: "Yes vaccines may have done a lot of good. I am certain being vaxxed helped me but I have no proof"

joj: No proof?  There may never have been a larger data set of proof in the history of science.  


mcfarm provides us/himself with an opportunity to learn the truth:

By mcfarm - Jan. 8, 2022, 7:33 a.m. "listen here as one of most dishonest members of the committee fights her natural instinct to lie, steal and cheat"


By mcfarm - Dec. 21, 2021, 7:57 a.m.

The story of Santa is much bigger than pretty packages. Is a chance to find that special person. Its a chance to turn over a new leaf in your life or as simple as do a good deed for a sick neighbor. Santa is about second chances, and the good guys winning for a change. Santa is a bout a poor kid with no clothes or het finding a home or a old unhealthy adult just finding 1 meal and a place to sleep for the night. There are Christmas miracles out there.



By joj - Dec. 1, 2021, 4:15 p.m.

Calling Alex Jones a scum bag is an insult to scum bags, not Alex Jones. He borders on evil IMO



Rules for living n Iowa.            

                            Started by tallpine - Oct. 30, 2021, 9:46 a.m.    



Tim: "But lets not quibble.  I would still think mandates were wrong even with a 75% survivability rate.  Of course, at that point,  I would begin to understand the oppositions arguments.   With the upper 90's?   I can't see them as anything but sheep."

metmike: "I’m willing to make just a tiny adjustment  to that right for this unique case by getting a couple of very low risk shots since the indisputably proven science shows that it will save millions of lives that I don’t have the right to sacrifice for my personal belief system."



BEFORE the election WxFollower and especially joj posted about how they thought President Trump would try to overturn the election results if he lost.


This a very wide margin was the most organized attempt to do the most damage possible to the most cherished element in our Constitution........overturning the presidential  election results and will of the people using blatant fraud!

        Thread #1:       

Constitutional Crisis?  (Trade related?)            

                            13 responses |             

                Started by joj - Aug. 15, 2020, 9:22 p.m.    

"Put it in NTR if you like Mike.

What about the election?  Trump is not only rigging it by gutting the USPS, but he's preparing the refusal to admit defeat due to a fraudulent election.  (He has state so multiple times). I can't imagine him admitting defeat."

Thread #2:

                Constitutional Crisis?  

                            14 responses |           

                Started by joj - Oct. 30, 2020, 9:44 p.m.                                           

Trump will pull all the stops to stop the vote count:   



Re: Re Re: Re: Re: Fauci bashing thread


By kris - Oct. 5, 2021, 5:11 p.m.

Never paid any attention to Fauci and even if I did why would I bash, or why would anyone else for that matter ?


Facebook Whistle Blower
Started by joj - Oct. 4, 2021, 11:05 a.m.


e: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

What I've learned about ‘Climate Change’ (in summary)
Started by madmechanic - Aug. 1, 2021, 3:02 p.m.


By joj - May 22, 2021, 8:58 p.m.Re:an conflict

I happen to know a lot about the Middle East and the age old conflict.  I have read dozens of books on the history and this is my summary.


Week in review compilation 2020/21........ From TIm
For those interested in gaining more insight(by looking back at Tim's reports)  with regards to the unprecedented movement of our economy during the historic 2020 pandemic that  is ending here in 2021. Thank you Tim for generously contributing these wonderful reports. I counted 42 of them in 2020/21, 11 so far this year! That's a lot of work.........but a labor of love I'm sure, knowing you.
WE are Being Manipulated
Started by joj - Nov. 20, 2020, 6:43 a.m.


Coffee 11/10/20+
WxFollower demonstrates in real time how to use the weather to make money  trading futures!
Started by WxFollower - Nov. 10, 2020, 2:07 a.m.



Week in Review compilation March-December 2020

 Tim New analyzes various metrics of our economy and grades them for us using his wisdom.


Covid19 - Updating as new data comes in
Started by joj - June 26, 2020, 9:35 a.m.

" Everyone has hopefully learned a few things since the outbreak.  I am still learning.  What is the data showing?"



Re: Re Shields up US Gulf coast: Barry may form this week : Re: Re: Re: Re: Shields up U Gulf coast: Barry may form this week
By wxgrant - July 15, 2019, 11:59 a.m.

Well that was strange. I made a long post above but it didn't show? Must be because it was from my tablet. What I was saying is Barry was an interesting system. It formed from the remains of a mesoscale convective vortex, a weak low pressure formed from a thunderstorm complex. These storms moved across the Midwest on July 4th and 5th. Once it looked likely this vortex would move over the Gulf, the Nation Hurricane Center began tracking this system. That was over Tennessee and it is why you see the track over Georgia and then moving out over the Gulf. This is not unheard of but is rather rare. The funny thing about this system is the original line of storms hit me while I was kayaking on a river here in Missouri and now it is back, producing heavy rain and maybe a tornado or two if we get any heat energy.  Tim, I'm sorry for the delayed response but I was kayaking in Arkansas over the weekend and did not have internet. By the way, that EURO run I complained about 7 days ago was right. At that time it was the outlier. 


"25 ways to help a fellow human being"

Re: 25 ways to help a fellow human being June 1, 2019
By mcfarmer - June 1, 2019, 8:36 p.m.

Years ago I taught a horticulture class. Part of the class was starting various plants from seeds and cuttings. We had a bunch left over, tomatoes, peppers, assorted flowers and such.

We set up a table at a spring open house and sold them for little of nothing, made maybe a hundred dollars.

The kids and I talked about what to do with the money, pizza, bowling all sorts of ideas. One student must have had a sibling in kindergarten but anyway he suggested we buy the preschool and kindergarten classes some toys. Now this is a small rural school all these kids probably went to grade school there and knew the toys were minimal.


Anyway I sent a couple kids to talk to the teacher and get some ideas, we wanted fun toys, not educational stuff. The kind of stuff her budget didn't have room for.


Anyway, to the point. Those kids had the best time watching the little ones play with the toys and seeing the pictures they drew to thank them. They got more out of that than any activity they could have done for themselves. I would like to think they learned something.

By mikempt - June 1, 2019, 10:51 p.m.

I fixed a central air conditioner system today for free an elderly couple . they were one of my first customers thirty years ago when I was 25 and they were 55. The part cost seven dollars and fifteen minutes of labor. I chatted with them for about a half hour, they gave me a can of cold coca cola. I said on this hot Saturday,this one is on me,I am grateful for the thirty years of patronage. I know in a week or two I will receive a thank you card and a gift certificate to the local pizza shop. I will treat all the guys to a pizza some friday 


Crows are amazingly intelligent!
Started by WxFollower - May 29, 2019, 8:55 p.m.

Crows are amazingly intelligent! Check this link out:

All of the videos are fascinating, but the most amazing part for me was #6, the solving of the 8 part puzzle to get food. I almost can't believe what I saw!


Re: Are the averages a good forecaster of the economy ? omy ?

Re: Are the averages a good forecaster of the economy ?
By pj - Dec. 17, 2018, 9 p.m.

"The results suggest that the stock market does predict the economy. It is important, therefore, to review the theories that are consistent with the stock market as a leading economic indicator.

One possible explanation for why stock prices predict the economy is that stock prices actually cause what happens to the economy. This would be consistent with the wealth effect. According to this argument, fluctuations in stock prices raise and lower wealth, which in turn, raises and lowers aggregate consumption. As a result, economic activity is affected or "caused" by fluctuations in the stock market.

Another possible explanation for why stock prices "Granger cause" economic activity is that the stock market is forward-looking. If investors are truly forward-looking, then stock prices reflect expectations about future economic activity. If a recession is anticipated, for example, then stock prices reflect this by decreasing in value. Since the results indicate that the stock market improves the prediction of economic activity, and if we assume that the stock market is forward-looking, then investors’ expectations about the future economy are fairly accurate. "

By pj - Dec. 18, 2018, 3:45 p.m.

The days of gold and silver responding to fears of inflation seem to have been gone for a generation. It seems they are caught in a perpetual "catch 22". If there's a fear of inflation interest rates go up (like they're doing now) and that's supposedly bad for PM prices, due to the their being an alternative (which pay no return) to holding bank deposits. Higher interest rates also tend to strengthen the $ which lowers PM in $ terms. 

Used to be a fear in the stock market would send people into PM. Now they tend to buy US treasuries. Same goes for any kind of crisis. And despite, as you say, the printing presses running at full tilt and wages rising faster than in a long while, commodity prices in general have been weak (oil, base metals, grains) so nobody (except maybe to a limited degree the Fed) seems worried  about inflation.


Secrets to a successful relationship

Re: SSecrets to a successful relationshipRe: ecrets to a successful relationship
By cfdr - Oct. 19, 2018, 11:04 a.m.

First - pick a person that you REALLY LIKE.


But, as for an existing relationship, assuming it is not like a really bad trade you are in, I would suggest thinking about it in this way.

Our brains are hard-wired, and hard-wiring is near impossible to change.  I have noticed, when trading, that I will tend to make the same mistake over and over.  I have actually gotten to laughing when I find myself making a mistake I have made previously - and I realize it while I'm doing it!

So, the only answer is to build software work-arounds to the hard-wiring of our brains.  And, it is important to realize that - these software work-arounds will fail.  They will fail more often than we might expect.  The only solution is to re-build them.

In a relationship, we should expect to see these failures in ourselves - and in our partners.  This is when it is important to have a sense of humor - and be able to laugh at ourselves.

I would say that more important than marrying someone who you really like is that you marry someone who really likes you.

In addition to the obvious benefit, it has the added benefit of encouraging you to live up to their expectations.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to l

Invest 91L/possible future Michael in W Caribbean as of 10/5            


    Started by WxFollower - Oct. 5, 2018, 3:37 p.m.           


" I believe that the newly designated Invest 91L, currently in the western Caribbean, is likely going to turn into TS+ Michael next week in the Gulf. Keep tabs on this one, folks, as it could end up having big impacts on parts of the SE US late next week."


Previous Cotton posts:

e longer and better?

Re: Wan to live loger anto live longer and bett Re: Want to live longer and better? er? e longer and better?

Want to live longer and better?

By carlberky - Sept. 28, 2018, 4:43 p.m.

After leaving the Hospital, I was sent to a extended care facility. I was told later that they considered me a Project, since I couldn't stand up, and I needed a transfer board to get from my wheelchair to my bed.

After several disappointing weeks of therapy, I began to see some progress. That greatly motivated me to the point where I was told to slow down a bit. 

Strength training made my life worth living again. Rubber bands (mostly upper body ), mechanical bike ( both upper and lower body ), and walking a bit further each day with my Walker got me here. Now I'm just trying to maintain what I worked so hard for, by going for walks and using the bands.


" Guilty of Being a Black Man"

  By carlberky - Aug. 21, 2018, 6:36 p.m.            

            To kneel during the performance of the Star Spangled Banner is to disregard and disrespect the sacrifice made by countless generations of patriots who gave their lives and bodies out of love for the most noble experiment in
governing in the history of the world. 

Protest is permitted and protected. but to soil the symbols of our nation is shameful and should be a stain on the reputation and conscience of those who do it. 


                                         By mcfarmer - Aug. 21, 2018, 7:27 p.m.            


               Damn right. They should be forced to show respect for the sacrifices made by those who did so for the  freedoms we take for granted everyday.



                By mcfarm - Aug. 22, 2018, 7:57 a.m.            



Carl, that was  as well written as any post and is easily the post of the week


well done


Started by metmike - July 27, 2018, 7:58 p.m.

 Change of team mascot names            

Included are the stories of the "Fighting Whities" from the University of Northern Colorado from Silver Spiker and the "Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers" from Carl/metmike as well as  a new name, the North Dakota "Whatchamacallits" from JP.


This week our post of the week features another entire thread, started by JP to share his love for Classical music.......with no expectations..........that resulted in 18 responses.

Both parties love classical music!

"The first, and perhaps last, Culture Corner post"                  

Started by JP - July 22, 2018, 9:29 p.m.

One of Frederic Chopin's most well known works, and for good reason. The Polonaise in A-flat major is quite a stirring piece, performed here in a brilliant rendition by pianist Evgeny Kissin.

Polonaise in A-flat major


An entire thread from July 17-18, featuring poems from carl, metmike about hail and asteroids and topped of by silverspiker............and an underlying message about getting along with each other.





  By wglassfo - July 11, 2018, 6:49 p.m.    





June 22, 2018

Heat fill for corn-metmike and silverspiker





What causes the sky to be blue-NTR Forum


   By GunterK - June 7, 2018, 12:57 p.m.                              


"visiting the NTR (for some people the NeverTRump) section of the forum, I came across this fascinating article about light scattering, and the following equation...

{\displaystyle I=I_{0}{\frac {1+\cos ^{2}\theta }{2R^{2}}}\left({\frac {2\pi }{\lambda }}\right)^{4}\left({\frac {n^{2}-1}{n^{2}+2}}\right)^{2}\left({\frac {d}{2}}\right)^{6}}[6]

and I started wondering.....

if one took the items from a recent post about a checklist for Trump being a dictator, and gave each of the items on that list a rating, and substituted these numbers into the above equation, could one then calculate if we are heading towards a dictatorship, or if America is being made great again.

ooops.... smoke is coming out of my calculator"


Previous post of the week:

Natural Gas

By WxFollower - May 17, 2018, 8:59 p.m.

 Based on my analysis, today did come in a bit tighter than much of both 2014 and 2015 although it came in way looser than much of 2016 and a bit looser than much of 2017 fwiw. It came in rather similar to much of 2013. So, this didn't beat the 5 year average by 20 bcf on a DD adjusted basis, which will be needed through 11/1 to get back to the 5 year average by the end of injection season. At best it beat it by about 10 bcf.

 Today's report was based on TDD (HDD + CDD) of only 45, which is tied with 3 other weeks for 2nd lowest since 2003.

Lowest TDD of EIA weeks since 2003/EIA

5/18/12: 43 TDD/+77 bcf
5/11/18: 45 TDD/+106 bcf
10/7/16: 45 TDD/+79 bcf
10/3/14: 45 TDD/+105 bcf
10/14/11: 45 TDD/+103 bcf
10/4/13: 46 TDD/+90 bcf
5/25/12: 46 TDD/+71 bcf
9/26/08: 46 TDD/+87 bcf

 The above 7 weeks (other than 5/11/18) averaged only +87. So, today was looser than the average of these 7 similar weeks by a whopping 19 bcf. But the two 2012 weeks followed a much higher 3/31/12 storage, which was similar to the high 3/31/16 storage. These were by far the 3 tightest weeks for good reason. If these 3 are thrown out, the average of the other 4 is +96 fwiw.


 Next week's report will be another very telling report.



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Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, by Peter L. Bernstein
Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably, by Steven Poser
Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed, by Steve Nison
Beyond Technical Analysis (2nd Edition), by Tushar S. Chande
Black Swan (The): The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Taleb
Candlestick Charting Explained: Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures, by Gregory L. Morris
Commodity Futures and Options, by George Kleinman
Compleat Day Trader II (The), by Jake Bernstein
Complete Guide (The) To Option Selling, by James Cordier & Michael Gross
Day Trade Futures Online, by Larry Williams
Disciplined Trader, The: Developing Winning Attitudes, by Mark Douglas
Dynamic Trading: Dynamic Concepts in Time, Price and Pattern Analysis with Practical Strategies for Traders and Investors, by Robert C. Miner
Education of a Speculator (The), by Victor Niederhoffer
Elements of Successful Trading: Developing Your Comprehensive Strategy Through Psychology, Money Management, & Trading Methods, by Robert Rotella
Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds, by Charles Mackay
Float Analysis: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume, by Steve Woods
Fooled by Randomness, by Nassim Taleb
Get Rich With Options: Four Winning Strategies from the Exchange Floor. by Lee Lowell
High Probability Trading Strategies, by Robert Miner
How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market, by William L. Jiler
How I made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities, by Larry R. Williams
How I Trade and Invest in Stocks and Bonds, by Richard D. Wyckoff
How I Trade for a Living, by Gary Smith
How To Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader - From Home, by Scott A. Krieger
Intelligent Futures Trading, by Chick Goslin
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Investment Techniques of the Far East, by Steve Nison
Japanese Chart of Charts (The), by Seiki Shimizu
Magic of Moving Averages (The), by Scot Lowry
McMillan on Options, by Lawrence McMillan
Money Bazaar (The): Inside the Trillion-Dollar World of Currency Trading, by Andrew Krieger
Money Game (The), by Adam Smith
New Market Timing Techniques: Innovative Studies in Market Rhythm & Price Exhaustion, by Thomas R. DeMark
New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems, by Welles Wilder
New Market Wizards (The), by Jack Schwager
New Options Advantage (The), by David Caplan
New Trading Systems and Methods (4th Edition), by Perry J. Kaufman
Option Trading in Your Spare Time, by Wendy Kirkland
Options as a Strategic Investment, by Lawrence McMillan
Options Trading Strategy of a Lifetime (The), by William Grandmill
Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Trader, by Martin Schwartz
Point & Figure Charting, by Thomas J. Dorsey
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, by Edwin Lefevre

Sharpening Your Trading Skills: Tools the Winners Use, by Jim Wyckoff
Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis, by Jack Schwager
Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains (The), by Larry R. Williams
Spread Trading: Low-Risk Strategies for Profiting from Market Relationships, by Howard Abell
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Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits, by Richard W. Schabacker
Technical Analysis Explained, by Martin J. Pring
Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications, by John J. Murphy
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Technical Trader's Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Market, by Charles LeBeau & David W. Lucas
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Techno Fundamental Trading, by Philip Gotthelf
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Taleb
The Complete Guide To Option Selling, by James Cordier & Michael Gross
The Day Trader: From the Pit to the PC, by Lewis J. Borsellino
The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies, by Jeffrey Owen Katz and Donna McCormick
The Global Trader: Strategies for Profiting in Foreign Exchange, Futures and Stocks, by Barbara Rockefeller
The Magic of Moving Averages, by Scot Lowry
The Money Bazaar: Inside the Trillion-Dollar World of Currency Trading, by Andrew Krieger
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Trading for a Living, by Alexander Elder
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Trading with DiNapoli Levels, by Joe DiNapoli
Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader, by Roy W. Longstreet
Volume and Open Interest: Classic Trading Strategies for 24-Hour Markets, by Kenneth H. Shaleen
Wall Street Ventures and Adventures Through 40 Years, by Richard D. Wyckoff
What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars, by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan
Winner Take All: A Brutally Honest and Irreverent Look at the Motivations and Methods of Top Traders, by William R. Gallacher
Zen in the Markets: Confessions of a Samurai Trader, by Edward Allen Toppel


A Memorable Thread
Dear Conservatives - 11 Minutes To Understanding
A memorable August 2015 thread on political, racial and global issues triggered by long-time MarketForum poster Lar, an African-American, and joined by fellow MF posters from all sides of the political spectrum. Congratulations to all participants for an excellent debate. MF Link


Spyware/Virus Advice
by gasman
Follow these instructions exactly.
Pound on F8 while machine is booting up.
Boot into safe mode with networking

Go to and download HIJACKthis.
Install and run HIJACKthis
Go to the main menu
Do a system scan and save a log file.
The log file will open on screen as a NOTEPAD TXT file
Right Click and select all
Copy and paste the entire contents to
In the Window at the bottom.
Run analyze.

Study the output screen for any BAD entries.
Switch back to the HIJACKthis PROGRAM screen
Click the box by the bad entries and click
FIX Checked

BAD ENTRIES ONLY NOW Not ones that are just in a different directory.

Pound on F8 while machine is booting up.
Boot into safe mode with networking

Go to
Run Housecall

Your AVG has been defeated.
After Housecall makes a sweep reboot

Pound on F8 while machine is booting up.
Boot into safe mode with networking

Uninstall AVG
Pound on F8 while machine is booting up.
Boot into safe mode with networking

Reinstall AVG and run a full scan.

If this doesn't work you'll have to pull the drive and slave it to an uninfested machine or do what I do which
Then scan the slaved drive
Or I usually just boot to my USB BartPE Drive and manually remove the threat.

End of Spyware/Virus Advice