Dangerous threats and violence
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 12, 2018, 1:35 p.m.

Briebart News claims to have documented over 550 threats, acts of violence etc. against Trump supporters. One man in California, recently tried an attack with a switch blade against a republican. . Briebart claims one Hollywood actress went public with the idea of assassination of Trump

I 1st posted a long time ago, about a possible civil war. Unfortunately people want to fight the last war, and my post of civil war was equated to the last civil war. Wars seldom follow the last war.  People adjust their thinking and actions..  Mazine Waters is a good example of adjusting, or encouraging  some people of today, to accept violent actions, as the thing to do, in a war against others.

I dare say that Mazine Waters public statements, other people who advocate assassination, threats and even Trump himself telling people he might be impeached. This certainly something that is not a nation of peaceful people.

When you have a nation divided, threats and actual violence, that is what I considered a civil war. [Mostly the actual, harmful violence to others] This may not meet the threshold of some people. But: What would you say if the National Guard is called out to suppress riots and physical harm to the people

Would that meet the threshold of civil war or does civil war mean an entire nation taking up arms in a fight to the death.

In the last civil war the entire nation did not take up arms. Many sat out the war, in one way or another.

Perhaps the scope or entirety of violence has not met the threshold of civil war, but it seems to me, if we are not there as of now, the time is coming ever closer.

Can you imagine the chaos if Trump is impeached I could envision the country under military lock down with curfew and personal liberties being violated by military orders to maintain the peace.

Maybe my imagination has got me riled up after reading the Briebart article, but certain actions have a way of crossing the border into our country. Maybe I watch too much American TV

90% of our population lives within 200 miles of the American border. That is less than the length of the state of Illinios. No wonder your actions affect us so much.  We have nobody to blame but ourselves, but I wander in my post too much. Sorry about that.

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