What does Trump and the brain trust do in Syria
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 14, 2018, 6:23 a.m.

 It looks as if the USA and Russia might come face to face with nuclear tipped missiles and other heavy duty nuclear weapons, air force etc.

I know these are not ICBM's but this is still some very heavy duty weapons, aimed at each other. The USA is said to have wiped out some 300 hundred Russian mercenaries.  Some people in the White House are advocating a USA stand down or at least not a direct confrontation with Russian troops. Nicki Haley is   telling Russia and Iran plus Syria, in the U.N. , a USA withdrawal or stand down, in Syria, will not happen

Should the USA avoid any direct confrontation with Russian troops in northern Syria. Iran and Russia are firmly allied with Syria, and I have no idea what Turkey will do, except it seems that negotiations between the three countries failed, with Iran and Russia taking a hardline to complete the take over of all of Syria

I believe the USA has said they have 2000 troops in Syria. Russia has warned the USA to withdraw the troops

My question is:

What the heck can 2000 troops do when the fighters against Assad number at least 10,000, of whom the USA is allied. Most people think the 10,000 are doomed, so would one think a mere 2000 more USA troops would also be doomed to defeat, plus a great deal of loss of life for the USA troops??. Will the USA air force defeat the Russian air force and their tanks, heavy armour, troop carriers etc.

Does Trump want to send 2000 troops up against Russia, to be cannon fodder and risk WW111

I don't see a viable plan for the USA. Common sense says to with draw and live to fight another day. It's  not worth the loss of life in a doomed battle.

Am I missing something. I usually do


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