Corn Vom and moldy corn
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 7, 2018, 12:47 p.m.

Not sure if these posts belong in trading as the amount is so small it will not affect Chicago prices. Like a knat on an elephants rump, but anyway.

In Ontario we have been hit with huge amounts of vom toxin in our corn. Some is okay and some is junk, you have to destroy it and everything in between as to levels of toxin.. We also have people with moldy corn and you can guess what that is worth. Different end users have different levels of vom they will accept. If you can find a buyer, the top discount is 8 PPM and 1.52 discount, times 200 bu/acre for easy figuring and you can appreciate the financial hit some or most farmers are looking at. Our Ontario corn harvest is less than 50% done by a long way. We have had 10 days of wet weather and then if you have rejected VOM in the field what to do. Some loads have been taken back home and dumped in the field. Even beef cattle which are supposed to tolerate high VOM levels are not able to be feed this corn as they re-act in a negative way as does all other livestock. Can't let it get in the human food chain or law suits to no end. Some have crop insurance but runours are that insurance does not cover crop quality while other reports say that insurance has told operator to destroy the corn crop. Rumours to no end, but one thing, hardly any harvesting is taking place. No idea if fields are too wet or because of toxin levels

Lucky our corn has been tested and we have almost completely clean corn. Folks tell us that any corn not sold on contract will be worth a premium for livestock feed. We have had calls from as far as 200 miles plus away, asking about our corn and if a deal can be made. We are almost done, as the ground has firmed up, we have fired up the combine at noon today and a couple short days will finish our corn. Then we have some custom work to do. We will be testing as we go to know what we have in each bin, as the toxin grows in the field until harvested and dried down..

Just thought I would let you know there is a good chance a large amount of our Ontario acreage will be destroyed and never see a market or end user. Not sure how Michigan is doing with their corn, but I have heard you folks have also got problems in parts of your corn. Might be the yr that some corn does not go to market. How much might not be very much in the big picture. Or the corn may be in a bin some place and nobody knows what is in the bin for toxin levels.

Our discounts start at 3 PPM if you can find a buyer Corn looks good so one can not do a visual and know if corn has toxin or not. Have also heard of Aflotoxin but it seems either we don't have it or nobody has found any as of yet. Golly, almost like wheat discounts.

Most of our personal corn is less than two PPM with 1 -2  PPM an average. Costs us 25.00/sample to find out the level of toxin. Every load is checked before accepting for commercial elevator or end user, storage or sale. Friend of ours got his very 1st load rejected at the enduser. He has approx. 1500 acres not harvested and no idea what to do. This could cause a large amount of financial pain for some operators.

No idea why our corn is clean other than just good luck.

We will bin and wait until January, to find out what shakes out in the market place. Seems the toxin is area specific.

Hope any farmers on the forum have good clean corn.

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