I agree (a little) with Trump!
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Started by joj - March 22, 2018, 1:10 p.m.

China is a predatory economic adversary.  They don't play fair and they aren't interested in playing fair.  

I think Trump's "demand" that China reduce it's surplus by X billion is antithetical to free markets.  

But I do agree with Trump that China doesn't play fair.  

I do not know if this will lead to a trade war or not.

But it is defensible.

Obviously if it leads to a trade war then the decision is a blunder.

I'm not so comfortable with the economic damage China could exact on us if they should resort to that.

From a bargaining standpoint, there is greater desire to trade with the US in most one on one situations than the other way around.   I'm glad Trump backed off from imposing tariffs on our allies.

I still think our control over trade in the far east would have been enhanced with the TPP agreement.


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