Buchanan sums it up pretty good
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Started by cfdr - April 3, 2018, 4:45 p.m.


Buchanan, as usual, sums it up pretty good.

Those who would rule, often, if not nearly always, find an independent prosperous middle class an inconvenience.  They want a population that is as dependent on the ruling class as possible.  Kings do not like sharing power.  We have seen this recently in Russia.  In China, Mao turned his Red Guards on the inconvenient middle class.  Buchanan says it well in this essay:

"America’s elites are adamant that our country should vanish inside a new Third World nation that resembles in its racial, religious and ethnic composition the U.N. General Assembly. The old God-and-country America the people loved they detest."

He ends with these questions:

"Did he secure America’s borders? Did he restore the industrial might of America? Did he take us out of and keep us out of any more neocon wars?"

I wish he had more help, especially from his own party.

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