Julian Assange
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Started by wglassfo - April 13, 2019, 8:31 p.m.

So Julian was kicked out for failing to clean the cat litter box

Since he could not go out and buy a newspaper suitable to line the box  nor could he go out and buy cat litter

And considering  his host country recieved many billions from the IMF, something doesn't pass the smell test

So: Was Julian important enough to trade for cat litter and billions of dollars

Where did the host country start at negotiations

% billion and they finally settle for 3.8 billion

Heck yes

Kick his butt out the door for that kind of money

Shows you what value the gov't puts on a few billion here and there

But an invasion of illigals is okay so long as they don't end up in Pelosie's back yard

What are people thinking

I know

What ever makes me look good and use a screw driver on the rest of you

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