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Started by metmike - May 16, 2018, 5:34 p.m.

We had turned the ads off for the past 2 weeks so that our talented web page designer, Chris could fix most of the problems that he isolated from being caused by the excessive ads.

We have added 3 ads and are testing to see how it goes. I have not had any problems this afternoon and am still loading this site quickly. Please let me know immediately if you have a problem.

One issue that we were having is that posts would get kicked out before being sent, when a new ad was loaded. Another was that some computers were taking almost a minute(according to reports)  to load our site because your computer was being bombarded with so many ads.

Ads are an absolute requirement on  a site like this to generate revenue.  I have always disliked them and commercials on television but for the first time............must promote them so that we can be successful.  Feel free to click on them and check out our sponsors to see what they are about......or just keep coming and enjoy all the weather and trading information your moderator plans to provide as long as he's here.

Starting Saturday and thru the rest of the month, I will be caring for my 93 year old dad in Detroit. This may cut down my posting and responding down to less than I'd like.

However, in June I plan to send out around 1,000 emails to everybody that ever posted here over the last 2 decades, using Alex's records. There are actually 3,600 email addresses but probably less than 30% are still good. They will be invited to come back for a sort of MarketForum reunion.

The ultimate success of a forum like this still boils down to you guys. I very much enjoy the social aspect and your being part of our forum by engaging. 

There are a few things that could interfere with this. My dads health, Marketforum conditions and personal items in my life. Everybody here right now is on the invitation list. You will all get a free copy of Jim Wyckoff's new eBook too, that he has generously donated to help us out. 

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