New Marine fuel
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 30, 2019, 5:18 p.m.

Just read a story where lab testing of lignin, which  disoloves in ethanol might be a new marine fuel. This mixture seems to be the fuel the lab is trying to power marine engines

Th idea is to reduce the carbon foot print, as we all know how much fuel the shipping industry uses, and they are under intense pressure by activist to reduce their carbon foot print.

I know MM will say C02 in the air is a hoax but from my view point, who cares, if we have a substantial new market. We have already increased C02 levels.

This might result in a whole new fuel industry as the lignin is almost a waste product from the corn ethanol process. Lignin is used for industrial burning as of now

So anything that would result in more ethanol useage , is good in my book and I am also told the fuel is cheaper. Cost per BTU is something I do not know. Sounds almost to good to be true and maybe it is

As if now it is still in the lab being tested, then on to stationary engines and finally marine engines, in two yrs. Rather a tight schedule, but maybe the testing part is not all that complicated/

The hope is to have this testing done in two yrs and then test in an actual ship

I don't see the harm this will do and if it results in a new and cheaper fuel who cares if the whole process was driven by somebody looking to reduce their carbon foot print

If marine engines are successful then is it a stretch to think other engines could use this new fuel I understand BMW is putting money into the research budget so they must see some possibilities

Always somebbody with a new idea and eventually an idea will prove succssfull

Sorry for no link, i don't want to ask for help

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