Oil Spill - N Dakota
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 2, 2019, 12:33 a.m.

Has anybody been following the news about the oil spill in N Dakota

About 1.45 billon litres were spilled from an underground pipe line before being detected and remotely shut down

To put this in perspective this is an amount equal to 1/2 an Olompic sized pool

My thoughts are what do you think about the proposed Keystone pipe line to refineries on the southern coast, going over the aquifier. Can a pipe line break be stopped soon enough to avoid contamination of the under ground water??? Obama refused the Co. permission to build another pipe line but Trump approved construction in 2017

As somebody said any thing man makes will break eventually. Those of us in the farming biz know all about machinery break downs

The Co. wants to build the pipe line to move oil from the Alberta tar sands. I suppose there are always two sides to any story. Oil is abundant today as the price reflects. So maybe you don't need Canadian oil.

But you are spilling blood in the ME. Trump is currently moving oil out of Syria. How long that lasts is anybodies guess. But you do source a lot of ME oil and you do spill blood to get this oil.  On the other hand oil from Alberta will not involve a deliberate blood letting, but does have other risks. I don't know how to move oil  with out risk as oil tankers, pipe lines, trains all have risk involved

It is sort of like whose ox is being gored. I jump up and down about the cost of our carbon tax and my city cousin thinks the tax is a great idea as it costs him virtually zip

I suppose you folks will have to decide the short term risk and the long term risk to reward

All we want is a market system that will move our oil in a cost effective manner.

You, obviously have different things to consider.

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