Trump's Week vs. Washington's Week
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Started by metmike - Nov. 4, 2019, 12:44 p.m.

Trump's Week vs. Washington's Week: It's No Contest

Steve Cortes is a contributor to RealClearPolitics and a CNN  political commentator.

"President Trump dispatched Baghdadi and the larger geopolitical threat of his evil caliphate without the risks of a wholesale U.S. invasion and the concomitant costs and pitfalls of idealistic nation-building.

Somehow, the thoroughly biased media found fault with this unquestionable success. They wailed that the it had happened “in spite” of Trump, rather than at his direction. The obstinance of the liberal establishment press contrasted starkly with conservative media in 2011, which overwhelmingly congratulated President Obama following the great achievement of dispatching bin Laden. For conservatives, killing the 9/11 mastermind superseded partisanship. For mainstream media in 2019, hatred of Trump eclipses even patriotic tendencies to celebrate the elimination of a dangerous threat to our nation. So torn was the Washington Post that the headline on its obituary for this monster described him as an “austere religious scholar.”

"Given this backdrop of positive accomplishment, no wonder Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leftist allies do not relish an honest election contest with this results-oriented, promise-keeping president. Other than offering endless “free” giveaways, what is the actual Democratic counter to this Trump record of achievement? This impeachment farce is, in reality, a long-shot attempt to smear the president and divert attention away from these results."

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President Trump-ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead after US military raid in Syria

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