Cover up
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Started by metmike - Nov. 4, 2019, 3:07 p.m.

House investigators release first deposition transcripts; White House lawyer defies House subpoena

"12:35 p.m.: Schiff says others may have been involved in moving call transcript to classified server

Schiff said that depositions have revealed that there “may have been others” involved in discussions about moving the transcript of Trump’s July 25 call with Zelensky to a highly classified server, but he did not say who those people might be."

They're trying to get people to believe that there was a cover up with this silly narrative. 

1. There wasn't anything to cover up. There was NO quid pro quo. There couldn't have been one because: a. The Ukraine officials have stated clearly they "felt no pressure" b. They didn't even know that there was a slight delay in the military aid. c. There was no exchange of anything for anything. Trump did not get an investigation(though he asked nicely in the phone conversation) and the Ukraine got their military aid, just like they would have regardless of the phone call or not.  ZERO quid pro quo! Except for the manufactured illusion based on fake facts.

2. When asked for the phone call, the transcript was immediately handed over.

3. There was actually a cover Adam Schiff. He had the whistle blower complaint for a month. He lied about it repeatedly until he was busted with documents that showed he received it back in August. It's clear that his office was working with the democratic operative(s) involved in the whistle blower complaint during that time coming up with this convincing scheme , claiming quid pro quo and a cover up by President Trump.........that did not happen. 

This apparently included Schiff making up a completely false version of the phone call, reading it into the record in front of the American people at the first hearing........that he was in charge of. It's Adam Schiff and the democrats that have been covering up and lying....about almost everything related to this ridiculous nothing burger. 

Can you imagine, if this were 4 years ago and a republican operative came out as a leaker of information related to a phone call that Obama had with Iran that resulted in us giving Iran 50,000,000,000?

At least in that case, one could prove that one side was  giving the other side something of tremendous value(and some of that cash was sent right away) and would only need to establish what the other side, Iran gave to the US in return.

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