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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 7, 2019, 9:36 a.m.

Seems Brazil and Arg are progressing on planting although looks like average progress so far

Some late planted crops may affect timely planting of 2nd crop corn or Safrina as it is called

However, something they take for granted and we would be jumping up and down about, to fix immediately

Is the loss of grain to market

Seems the side of the road is covered in grain lost from trucks in poor condition to haul grain

Heck I hate to see a spill of a couple bu any place but it seems that maybe 10 % give or take of grain is lost due to poor truck conditions and poor roads. That is a lot in my book.

One person , following a grain truck was pelleted with grain. Don't they have tarps and jute bags to cover up the top and corners a bit. We always roll the tarp, even for less than 10 miles of country road with slow speeds. Mostly just 5 miles.

Seems that is just the way it is down there

I can remember using old bags and some nails to plug the corners on a couple wagons when they would leak and that was just to the barn granary a few 100 rods away on the same farm

Oh well, if they lose a bit, that much less to ship on boats at port

Just found this a bit interesting to know

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