Harvest progess "here"
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 7, 2019, 10:18 a.m.

Just what we did noit need


A light dusting at day break

Now 2-3" and still coming down

If it would go away, fine but we seem to be forcast for below freexing day and nite for some days

Still corn to harvest and a ton of fertilizer and fall tilage. We had some brand new  points, put on before fall work began, on an 80,000.00 disk/ripper wear out on the ripper after 250 acres. I went for parts, [not in the least bit happy] they gave me more of the originals plus some after market that were supposed to wear longer. Some after market did not even fit our machine but by 2 o/clock I was rolling. A neighbour son wants some extra money so he has worked a couple nites after his day job. His dad is so lazy he has to feed the cattle before he can come to our work. His dad does nothing so you would think he could help his son with chores for a few days

The young lad is getting burned out already, after only two nites of work.

We have had a ton of people wanting a few hrs of extra work and we give them a try. After a couple 3 days they decide it isn't really so much fun driving a tractor and also a day job. So they find excuses to not come to work at nite. I know it is tough, but everybody thinks driving a tractor is easy. But the long hrs will stop just about everybody or they find an excuse to walk around and just plain don't get anything done. I tell them to take a break , but don't abuse my generosity, as the wheels have to keep moving to get anything done. We pay for lunch time, breaks etc.  from the time they arrive until they go home.

So far in 50 yrs I have found very few that last more than one week and even those move on the next yr. Usually if they are half way decent they will find a steady job and don't want to work the extra hrs

Can't blame them, except everybody thinks driving a tractor is just plain fun. It is hard work and most, if not all, don't know this until they find out for themselves

I wish we could find an early retiree that wants a few weeks in the spring and fall, no long hrs just a days work, but so far no luck. We can't afford everybody yr round wages. If we had live stock then maybe it would work with more full time employees

Mexicans will wreck your equipment and then disappear.

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