Curious about LA
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 26, 2019, 10:09 a.m.

Today I want some feed back from anybody that knows some thing about LA

Some yrs ago we travelled to CA and LA was obviously on the list of places to go

In fact the big attraction for us was the TV studios

Being from out of town and not knowing how to get from A to B we relied on our GPS to guide the way. This took us on some weird journeys as not only did we go  to the studios but other places of interest, as we followed the Garmin we had at the time. We were travelling in our own car and did not have GPS as a feature on display so the hand held model worked very well. This was maybe a 8 yr old car and 5 yrs ago so hand held Garmin was our GPS. However, that is not the point I want to make. Forget it

We would go thru maybe 3 blocks of gorgeous homes, well kept mediums, grass cut in any public place, both sides of the road to lawn like conditions, flowers growing etc. And then boom, bars on the windows, homes of lower value and run down, weeds every where. You get the picture

What we did not understand was the relative tiny areas of swings from good to bad. 

It seemed to us, that public money would be spent on public property or not spent on public property, equally, thus all would be the same. But it was in such a small area we could not understand how it was possible to go from good to bad so quickly

I can understand the private property being clumped together but not the public places being in such small areas

Would you not think La would be divided into larger areas and all would be the same re: public area such as medium with grass cut. same flowers etc.

It was very noticeable as we would go 3 blocks and then it changed constantly back and forth

Can anybody explain the small areas of beautifull and then not so beautifull all with maybe 3 blocks of each

This was off the beaten path as we had to follow our own GPS and saw the back roads so to speak.

Very weird to go from good to not so good so quickly

Bt the way, LA is a must to visit. It is some thing out of your normal world. Traffic is horrendous but with GPS and a good navigator, 6 lanes of solid traffic going each way can be done very easily, as the GPS tells you which lane to be in well ahead of time and it all works out, in the end, very smoothly. Don't do it on your own, unless you are braver than I am.

We hired a private tour guide and that is the way to go if traffic bothers you and you want to see interesting places in LA. Trust me, there is a lot to see in LA. 

But the small areas of 3 block gorgeous public spots and 3 blocks of not so good, was a bit strange to us, and was a question we did not get an answer, so does anybody know

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