Would you be able to afford
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Started by wglassfo - Feb. 11, 2020, 1:39 a.m.

this amount of self defense from the IRS

On the other hand not many of us would be accussed of avoiding non payment of taxes in the order of 400 million - 1.5 billion

Seems that non paying people/organizations  found guilty of not paying proper taxes to the IRS can be renumerated a portion of the unpaid tax by so called bounty hunters

Of coarse the bounty hunters have to prove their claims of non payment

And the IRS and/or congress mat get involved, to decide the merits of proper payment

Well it seems that Larry Doyle and John Moynihan have been persuing the Clinton foundation for non payment of some where between 400 million and 2.5 billiion

These folks 1st came to promince in Aug of 2017

This was followed by a congressional appearance in Dec 2018

I remember watching that appearance in 2018

This is the reason for my interest

It seems these folks are probing the 43 president's foundation or Clinton foundation. [I am not sure who is being accussed of non payment]

I  Bill Gates may be involved but am not sure of this info

I found a more extensive trove of information on "Zero Hedge" which I am unable to provide a link due to a handicap which plays heck with certain personal functions that I wish I could do, and don't want sympathy for anything.

I apologize for my inability to provide the link

You may be interested in how the IRS treats the rich and powerful compared to you and me

Take a look if you can find it

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