Electric cars
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Started by wglassfo - Feb. 11, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

If the trend continues we can expect more electric cars to be sold as price comes down and people want to do their part to save the planet

Forget the issue of fossil fuels vs electric, you have to admit more electric cars will be sold as the auto industry projects demand for electric transportation, will increase

I am seeing electric re-charging out lets, here and there, so this is not just a passing fantisy. We have to admit the trend to electric cars is happening

The question of sourcing available electricity has been answered by a paper written by somebody I forget

But the main take away in that paper

We can produce electricity, lots of electricity with todays technology

Solar panels will produce a lot more electricity than ethanol on a given space, in fact loads of electricity

100 acre solar farms are sprouting like weeds.

In fact I read that Hawaii with their sun shine could go completely solar with no need for conventional electricity

In fact many homes that have installed solar panels are getting very small electric bills [1/10th of normal] or re-bates, even at a lower re-bate rate, back to the grid, than current electric monthly cost to the consumer. Many home owners collect a monthly cheque in the mail for electric sold back to the power Co. And trust me, not all homes have room for very many panels but some do and those collect the money, while others pay very small electric bills. In fact, you can get 0 % down payment to install solar panels on the roof of your building.

Now the main land is not Hawaii, but it is possible to produce vast amounts of electric for electric cars, even on the main land.

So: assuming the infastructure is in place, the ethanol industry faces real competition from solar panels to power the vechicles of tomorrow.

And take a big bite out of the fossil fuel industry

A 50 acre plot of solar panels would produce a lot of electricity for many Co's that operate on an 8 A:M to 5 P:M work day.

How much I don't know but it will happen. as solar replaces fossil fuel to turn the lights on and power up the computers.

Plus charge the vechicles for the trip home.

All you need is more solar panels which are getting cheaper in time

It looks to me, from what I see that solar panels will replace wind towers in the future. And a lot of fossil fuel.

AOC will get in the act, once she sees an opportunity and there you have it

I am sure many will dispute my post but that is okay

We all want to learn some thing.

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