What is china doing
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Started by wglassfo - March 19, 2020, 12:30 a.m.

I haven't thought this out very well but maybe with some of your help. I can't even get my thoughts very organized, so bear with me and  here goes

Why did china suddenly have the 1st out break of the virus and now they don't seem to have any infections

There are several guesses but the virus did seem to start in china, as most believe.

Todays china reports almost no new infections as if they have the problem completely under control

Is that a normal result when so many were reported infected and deaths, and then nothing. Will that happen in the western world

Now in the western world we have some hope of an early vaccine but in reality most think 12-18 months for a vaccine

In the mean time, our economy is going from bad to worse while china seems to be recovering rather nicely

World infections have now exceded the china number of people infected

Granted the world has more people than china but this isn't over and the infections will continue to climb at least one would think so. Now will we have an equal number of infections/capita and will we recover from the virus as quickly. We don't know but one would think this most likely won't happen with a sudden halt in infections, as  quickly as it did in china

Russia reports very few infections. Why is this in spite of a long border which has to have some cross border infections

India reports very few infections, in spite of the fact the geography says they should have cross border infections also, simply due to proximity to china of maybe a 100 miles or some thing like that

Why is china doing so well and we are in a big mess. Is china giving us the correct information?? Why would the lie about their infection rate as of today???

Now it is true we may be over re-acting or maybe not., but the numbers don't make sense, if western world infections continue on the present trajectory, it looks like we may equal china on a.capita number. That remains to be found out.

I know this is tin foil but is china waging war against the western world in a way we are simply not prepared to fight.  Did china have a vaccine for this virus once they convinced the world they had the virus the same as we do except they did a complete lock down and it worked, thus avoiding suspicion

Life is cheap in china. China would sacrifice a few million and then let us become infected while they have a vaccine

How else do you explain china suddenly having so few infections What benefit is it to lie about their rate of infection today. 

I know this is a lot of tin foil stuff so explain to me why china is reporting so few infections, and recovered so quickly.

IMHO this does not pass the smell test

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