Trump's war with china
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Started by wglassfo - May 18, 2020, 11:33 a.m.

Most people don't think in terms of a kenitic war with china

More along the thought of severing supply from china to domestic production and also severing all or most trade with china

The USA is badly divided along political party lines but the one thing americians agree about is their dislike about china

I think some 60% or more don't like china in the USA

I don't like china either

But if my medication is not available for diabetes, my corn price goes in the tank, I can't pay my bills for any number of reasons, will people still not want trade with china???

Personal BK because of lost markets is not very appealing but maybe, realisticly the corn market is gone any way, the BK of every kind will happen, no matter what, and we will get behind Trump as we are sure china unleashed this virus on the west, the economic damage is done and now we have to decide the best coarse of action going forward

The debt clock stands at 27 trillion and counting

Do we just run ip the debt until we are more or less self sufficient. Do we stop trade with china. They never were a very good trading partner. Seemed we always came out second best with china. Tarriffss haven't worked and IMHO will never work

So maybe we should try to isolate china. China will have some trading partners but none with enough trading volume to sustain china's work force at full employment

My guess is china will let the yuan creep up over time and threthen to cut of vital resources or goods if we try to make a clean break with china. If we could make a clean break with china then china has a big problem with unemployment and civil unrest.

I predict trade with china, and what kind of punishment will be the issue americians will have to decide which party has the best answer come Nov election time

I predict the Dems will be happy to let the debt clock run up and pay people to not work. China might be a non issue with the Dems as the Dems will continue to print money

Trump will want to punish china, in a big way

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