China warning the USA
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Started by wglassfo - June 26, 2020, 2:01 p.m.

to not cross the red line, or Phase one of the trade deal is dead

As if we should be worried about china not living up to the terms of Phase One. Just take a look at the number of cargoes of soybeans from SA going to china.

If Trump hasn't figured out by now that china had/has no intention of honoring the trade deal, but he was so desperate for agriculture sales and the farm vote, so he stuck his head in the sand

I posted long ago china would never agree to any trade deal. By now you should know my post was correct. But you said some thing had to be done. Well there is some thing that can be done.

If anybody hasn't figured out by now that crossing the Red Line is an empty threat, I don't know what will get your head out of the sand 

Just shut down the supply lines with china, stop all trade, forget tariffs, which simply costs the consumer.

 Just stop trading with china. There is ample stocks of rare earth metals else where in the world. China just happens to be cheaper. Well some times you pay the price. We paid the price with Ag products and got nothing. So, if people were willing to pay that price, why not pay for rare earth. This is getting to be so sad that Trump can't see what is happening and also what needs to be done.

The one thing china worries most about is lost sales to the world. Well the USA buys enough to have a real impact on china GDP and employment.

So why can't the USA figure out a policy that would have a lasting effect on china. This tariff and trade war is for amateurs

But nobody said Trump really knew how to deal with china. Problem is he thinks he does

Trump: You are a child playing in the sand box, when it comes to dealing with china.

 The votes lost will prove you are a child in the sand box. The weakest opponent in modern history and you can't win

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