to HCQ, or not to HCQ ?
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Started by GunterK - July 30, 2020, 5:43 p.m.

The use of HCQ for helping with Covid19 has been submerged in controversy for several weeks now. It reached a boiling point this week, when a group of “frontline doctors” disclosed their positive experiences with this drug.

Yet, even today, Dr Fauci states that NIH clinical trials have shown no positive results…. and these doctors’ comments are dangerous disinformation.

And so, the People are ordered to disregard this information.

Our metmike has gone through extraordinary trouble educating us about the science of Covid19 and its treatments. He made the very important point that the NIH trials were investigating the HCQ drug by itself, whereas the doctors who had success with it, used in combination with other medications.

However, leave all these details aside… just use your common sense…

Let’s assume, one group of scientists ( group A ) performs clinical trials on drug XYC, and comes up empty.

At the same time, another group of scientists ( group B ) comes up with quite positive results (saving patients’ lives)

Group A cannot say that the positive results of group B do not exist, just because Group A could not duplicate the success of Group B.

Rather, any scientist worth his salt, would now have to study what Group B did, to find out what was done differently to come up with positive results.

Seeing our top Covid19 scientist, Dr Fauci, so casually sweep the opinions and experiences of the “frontline doctors” (and many others like them) under the rug, is more than disappointing. It raises questions !

Add to this the frantic efforts of our social media platforms to hide this video, as well as the rapid punishment of individuals who “shared” this video with others… and you have to ask yourself “what is really going on?”

On forums and news media sites, these doctors were quickly categorized as “wackos” and “quacks” (even though their resumes are available on the internet), and any mention of these doctors and their video would quickly bring you ridicule.

And here we are, with 100,000s of patients infected with Covid19, each one of them eagerly looking for help and relief, and our social platforms, our MSM, and the President’s top medical advisor, prohibit them from even seeing this video, let alone getting real help.

This is not how the medical profession should work…. this is not how the MSM should work… this is not how our social media platforms should work… this is not how our society should work. This is evil !!!!

Now we have to ask ourselves….. why ???????

I am sure, you aware of some of the answers… some are political… some have to do with money… no need to get into it again……

Just had to let off some steam…. I am disgusted.

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