Trump vs Biden strategy
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Started by metmike - Sept. 11, 2020, 7:25 p.m.

Trump campaign reaches 100M voters as team Biden avoids door knocks

The GOP operative said it was “mind blowing” that Biden wasn’t using the same strategy that got him into the vice president’s mansion.

“We are not secretive about our strategy when it comes to our field program. We copied Barack Obama,” Walters said.

“People made fun of him in 2012 for being a community organizer, but he organized himself into a second term. It’s interesting to me that Biden, who was on the winning ticket in 2008 and 2012 and was elected based on this strategy, has decided to forgo that strategy,” he continued.

“We saw it work for Obama in 2012 and we saw it work for us in 2016. It’s mind blowing that Biden isn’t doing it.”

The Trump campaign has deployed 2,000 hired staff into 22 target states and has trained another 2 million volunteers. They hope to beat Obama’s 2.2 million record before the November election.

Walters said staffers were required to read the book “Groundbreakers: How Obama’s 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America,” which analyses the former president’s winning field strategy in 2008 and 2012.


Volunteers reached their 100 millionth voter this week in North Carolina, a number three times larger than their 2016 effort.

The DNC and Biden camp have forgone door knocking, blaming the pandemic, and expressed confidence in their decision to reach voters through phone calls or texts.

“Sending a masked organizer to knock on a stranger’s door in the middle of a raging pandemic is not a safe or effective use of campaign resources,” David Bergstein, the DNC’s director of battleground state communications, told The Hill last month.

The Biden campaign also told Politico it would have over 2,000 staffers in battleground states by the end of August through a coordinated committee with the DNC.

But Walters said the Biden campaign was missing in action long before the pandemic reached US shores in February. He added the opposing strategies between the DNC and RNC would make the difference in states like Michigan.

The Biden campaign and the DNC did not respond to request for comment on Friday."

metmike: One of the big problems for Biden is recruiting the number of people enthused enough about their candidate to go all out like this. The biggest selling point for Biden, by a very wide margin, continues to be "NOT Donald J. Trump.

You can't go knocking on doors to sell "NOT Donald Trump".

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