0 % financing
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 12, 2020, 12:26 a.m.

I have been searching the internet for prices and such for a new pick up truck. I don't really need one but a couple close calls, backing up and not watching the back up camera etc. has been an experience. I was wondering if some thing with sensors would help.

This question remains to be answered. Maybe it is time to drive less but one time was in our own farm yard. so?? who knows

However, this 0 % financing has me puzzled. Our last car was offered with 0% financing and cash or finance made no difference to the price asked. Do the auto makers, finance arm of the biz, sell bonds at 0.25% or what rate of int. do they pay for money. I know the int is in the price some where but my question is where and how much do they pay for money??

I know the Fed buys corporate bonds re: the stimulus plan, but heck, the auto industry was offering 0% when Fed int was at 1 or 2 % which is still low but some body is making money, so how do they do 0% financing since 2016 when we last bought our car, and shake their head at a lower price for cash. It seems as if they don't want to be paid in cash up front, or don't care either way. And this was at least from 2016, [as I said above] stimulus and all that has happened these past few months, nothing has changed

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