Covid positive numbers
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 15, 2020, 11:06 p.m.

I was searching for a thread to post this and decided heck, why not just start a new post

Probably some thing about never letting a crisis go to waste, and how it affects ordinary people

Any hoo I was reading various comments about people and their experience with testing procedures and other stuff.

1st of all: one place was listed as having numerous positive tests with infections. So this guy started asking who was infected as he did not know. Everybody he asked could not name one person that had tested positive, let alone show symptoms. Seems like this was a community where everybody knew everybody. Finally, one person said the old man down the street was positive. Turns out the old man had passed on two yrs prior, as his wife had taken food to the widow, at the time of death 

Another person talked about the number of positive tests recorded and if they were true numbers. He told the story about his family of four and another husband and wife going to be tested. They did the pre-check with names, address etc. After an hour waiting in line they pulled out, not wanting to wait any longer. A few days later both car loads received notice by mail they had all tested positive. What the heck, they had left the line before being tested for the virus

I find out a lot of information, just reading comments by people talking about this and that. Some are obviously biased but some do offer good information about the pulse of america and just every day things that happen in their lives. Maybe I am reading the wrong comments but Trump supporters out number Biden by a large margin, at least the information I read. Plus a lot of how messed up the country is with lock downs and other stuff

Just thought I would post a few things I read, and want to warn that maybe I am reading the wrong sites for my information. But a lot has that down to earth ring of real life, daily experience. I can't imagine anybody making up stories, such as the above.

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