where do the votes go before being counted
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Started by mcfarm - Nov. 16, 2020, 2:02 p.m.

does this bother any of the libs here that keep chanting over and over....no fraud...a little fraud...not enough fraud. Just listening to one of the best lawyers in the land, Sidney powell, explain how the US ballots have ended up in Barcelona, Frankfurt and Venezuela before they are counted......not that would bother anyone looking for fraud of course....using software that was re-programmed right up and including election day....this fraud is so large nobody has a handle on it and 48% of the country could care less.....and so peculiar that because Biden is leading the Russia has been totally removes from all conversation. 

Also has the great fool Obama is on another book tour filled with racial nonsense I was wondering when some reporter might maybe ask a question about being involved in a coup before and after the last election....you think that ought to come up wouldn't ya?

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