New England Journal of Medicine, Orwelian Dystopia post Roe.
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Started by TimNew - June 24, 2022, 8:33 p.m.

A little background.

In my early college days, I was studying to be a psychologist. Any of you who read what I write already know I would have been a terrible psychologist.  I believe we are responsible for who and what we are, and that flies in the face of what I learned in those early days.  As I approached my degree requirements,  I become less and less enamored with my chosen field..    But...    I learned how to use computers while doing statistical analysis and became fascinated with them.  The rest, so to speak, is history.

Anyway,  in those days, while learning psychology, you had to learn some basic physiology..  medicine,  how the human body works.  I wrote an amazing paper on split brain surgery. The Corpus Callosum is the nerve center that connects the right and left hemisphere of the brain and in the early 70's it showed real promise in the treatment of epilepsy. Maybe it still does, but as I said, I moved to computers which are a different type of nervous systems altogether. (TIC)

In those days, the BIBLE was the New England Journal of Medicine.  I referenced volume and chapter in the very best work I did.   My professors were amazed.   I can brag now because I am no where near that field.  Maybe I'll brag about what I've done with computers in another post.

But anyway..

The NEJM was totally apolitical back then.  Politics had nothing to do with medicine.  The MD's I knew were very conservative, for the most part , but they would NEVER allow politics to enter their professional writing.

Now, we have that "distinguished" (should I say formerly?) journal writing an article calling a constitutional ruling a means to an Orwellian Dystopian society?   How can returning the decision on abortion to the states, as the 10th ammendment clearly intends, lead anyone to draw such a conclusion? What has happened? That article is purely politcal and not at all based on science.

Perhaps the indoctrination centers we call universities that used to be centers of free thinking and speech are really taking the toll about which  "right wingnuts" have been warning for the last decade or so. 

This article is NOT the result of unbiased scientific thought. 

I am simply shocked.


Reversal of Roe creates an ‘Orwellian dystopia,’ editors of prestigious New England Journal of Medicine write | Fortune

Reversal of Roe creates an ‘Orwellian dystopia,’ editors of prestigious New England Journal of Medicine write

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