Happy St. Patricks Day 2024
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Started by metmike - March 17, 2024, 8:49 p.m.

Wishing  that  you find your pot of gold in 2024, despite the upcoming turmoil!


Rich people are doing great!

Elites are doing the best they ever have!

By metmike - March 19, 2024, 9:25 p.m.
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 |  2024 Credit Card Debt Statistics


For all credit cards, the average APR in the fourth quarter of 2023 was 21.47%.

For cards accruing interest, the average in the fourth quarter of 2023 was 22.75%.

For new credit card offers, the average today is 24.66% — the highest since we began tracking rates monthly in 2019.

Average APRs for new credit card offers and current card accounts
Average APR for new credit card offers24.66%
Average APR for all current card accounts21.47%
Average APR for all accounts that accrue interest22.75%

Sources: LendingTree data, Federal Reserve

By metmike - March 19, 2024, 9:32 p.m.
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 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Graphics for Economic News Releases 

12-month percentage change, Consumer Price Index, selected categories


You can go to that link and see each item treated independently.

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The National Debt Explained

The national debt is the amount of money the federal government has borrowed to cover the outstanding balance of expenses incurred over time. In a given fiscal year (FY)

, when spending (ex. money for roadways) exceeds revenue (ex. money from federal income tax), a budget deficit results. To pay for this deficit, the federal government borrows money by selling marketable securities such as Treasury bonds, bills, notes, floating rate notes, and Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS)

. The national debt is the accumulation of this borrowing along with associated interest owed to the investors who purchased these securities. As the federal government experiences reoccurring deficits, which is common, the national debt grows.

Simply put, the national debt is similar to a person using a credit card for purchases and not paying off the full balance each month. The cost of purchases exceeding the amount paid off represents a deficit, while accumulated deficits over time represents a person’s overall debt.

The U.S. Treasury uses the terms “national debt,” “federal debt,” and “public debt” interchangeably.

Year 1$400$500-$100
Year 2$600$800-$200


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Biden warns opposing Ukraine funding plays ‘into Putin’s hands,’ but faces resistance in House



What would have happened if NATO didn't recruit corrupt Zelensky to be their puppet to have their desired war with Russia and to get Ukraine and instead, agreed with Russia's demands of Ukraine agreeing to NOT become part of NATO?

None of this!

Including flushing down the toilet, $100 billion to kill 600,000 people and have Ukraine obliterated, while helping to accelerate our own country's debt which is collapsing our financial future.

And Biden want's $60 billion more after Russia has crystal clearly lost the war many, many months ago.  B

Ukrainians, continue to want the same thing they always have.........peace with Russia NOT NATO and to stop our contributions to increasing corruption in their country. 

Biden/NATO refuse to give Ukrainians what they want........while lying and claiming that we are supporting Ukraine.


We are obliterating Ukraine to hurt Russia and we are greatly harming the United States.

Financially, and by having a war with a global super power. Provoking, provoking, vilifying, vilifying. 

Propaganda/lies about how this is  an endeavor that united........NATO countries and is about fighting for a democracy(again) in 1 of the most corrupt countries in the world that have stopped elections to keep NATO puppet, traitor Zelensky in office.

NATO has ALWAYS BEEN UNITED! We are picking fights with adversaries and causing them to unite against us. China, Iran, North Korea, Brazil, India.

This is retarded foreign policy and an extremely counterproductive use of our tax dollars.


Evil side of USA & NATO

The main point here is to...........STOP FLUSHING US TAX PAYER MONEY DOWN THE TOILET THAT WE CAN"T AFFORD FOR THIS 100% counterproductive NATO vs Russia war.