Former Trump admin. folks’ quotes about Trump
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1. James Mattis, Trump’s first Secretary of Defense, said “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us.”

2. The second Former Defense Secretary under Trump, Mark Esper, called Trump a "threat to democracy." 

3. Former national security adviser John Bolton under Trump has declared him "unfit to be president." 

4. Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined to endorse him, citing "profound differences,” and recently said he "cannot in good conscience" endorse Trump because of Jan. 6 and other issues, despite being proud of what they achieved together. 

5. Sarah Matthews, a former Trump aide, said it's "mind-boggling" how many members of his senior staff have denounced him. 

6. Former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin said Trump is “not as sharp as he was in 2016. And not even as sharp as he was in 2020,” indicated that Trump talked about executing people multiple times at White House meetings, and said “Fundamentally, a second Trump term could mean the end of American democracy as we know it, and I don't say that lightly.” 

7. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, said “in this next year, we need to do everything we can to make sure that the man who is now facing four criminal indictments is not the Republican nominee on that ticket, that we can help restore normalcy and decency and ethics to our politics.”  To be continued in next post……

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8. John Kelly, Trump's former chief of staff, described Trump as "a person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators" and "has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution, and the rule of law."

9. Olivia Troye, a former Pence adviser, said that Trump was “disruptive,” that he could not “focus,” that he was consumed by himself and his prospects in November, and said “for him, it was all about the election” and that “he just can't seem to care about anyone else besides himself.”

10. Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham said “He didn’t like them [White House counsel, particularly Pat Cipollone] telling him that things he wanted to do were unethical or illegal. So he’d scream at them. But then he’d usually listen. And then yell at them again later” and “I am terrified of him running in 2024.”

11. Bill Barr, Trump's former attorney general, has referred to Trump as "a consummate narcissist" who "constantly engages in reckless conduct that puts his political followers at risk and the conservative and Republican agenda at risk."

 12. Trump’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Retired General Mark Milley, said “We don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator. We take an oath to the Constitution and we take an oath to the idea that is America – and we’re willing to die to protect it.”

 13. Rex Tillerson, Former Secretary of State under Trump, said “(Trump’s) understanding of global events, his understanding of global history, his understanding of US was really limited. It’s really hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t even understand the concept for why we’re talking about this.”

 To be continued in next post….

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14. Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said “He used to be good on foreign policy and now he has started to walk it back and get weak in the knees when it comes to Ukraine. A terrible thing happened on January 6 and he called it a beautiful day.

15. Trump’s presidential transition vice-chairman Chris Christie said Trump was “someone who I would argue now is just out for himself."

 16. Trump’s National Security Advisor HR McMaster said “We saw the absence of leadership, really anti-leadership, and what that can do to our country.”

17. Trump’s former acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said “I quit because I think he failed at being the president when we needed him to be that.”

 18. Trump’s former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said “He is the domestic terrorist of the 21st century."

19. Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy Devos said “When I saw what was happening on January 6 and didn’t see the president step in and do what he could have done to turn it back or slow it down or really address the situation, it was just obvious to me that I couldn’t continue.”

 20. Trump’s Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao said “At a particular point the events were such that it was impossible for me to continue, given my personal values and my philosophy.” Trump’s Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer said “…the president has very understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices.”

 To be continued in next post…..

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21. Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert said “The President undermined American democracy baselessly for months. As a result, he’s culpable for this siege, and an utter disgrace.”

22. White House lawyer Ty Cobb said “Trump relentlessly puts forth claims that are not true.”

23. Omarosa Manigault Newman, a top Trump aide, said “Donald Trump, who would attack civil rights icons and professional athletes, who would go after grieving black widows, who would say there were good people on both sides, who endorsed an accused child molester; Donald Trump, and his decisions and his behavior, was harming the country. I could no longer be a part of this madness.”

24. Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said "If you put yourself above the Constitution, as [Trump] has done, I think that makes you unfit for office” to Fox News host Neil Cavuto June 11, 2024.

25. Senator Chuck Grassley (R) said that Trump “displayed poor leadership in his words and actions” on January 6.

 I didn’t write this. This all came from what I thought was a non-succinct but still wonderful comment on an article about Trump’s upcoming VP pick:

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Thanks much, Larry!

Its amazing to me that such a horrible candidate for president can actually be “out horribled”  by the person running against him.

Again, I believe the Ds will replace Biden with a LESS horrible, YOUNG person and turn age lemons into lemonade with the D ticket representing youth instead of the oldest, most cognitively damaged candidate …..and suddenly, the Rs will be running the oldest, most cognitively damaged person in history.

Age is a key factor in this race. The Ds, if they’re smart can go from being crushed by age to……..owning Trump and the Rs on age.

No brainer!