NYC Is Looking To Recoup Any Unpaid Trump Taxes
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Started by mojo - Oct. 3, 2018, 9:43 p.m.

New York City will seek any taxes that President Donald Trump should have paid for money he received from his late father.

By silverspiker - Oct. 3, 2018, 10:08 p.m.
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DeBlasio is a bumbling drunken moron...

By mojo - Oct. 3, 2018, 10:22 p.m.
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Maybe so, but Trump is still going to have to pay his back taxes.

By silverspiker - Oct. 3, 2018, 10:36 p.m.
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ppfffffffttt...yeh...good luck with that.


By carlberky - Oct. 4, 2018, 3:58 p.m.
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" ALBANY - New York's taxing authority has a wide amount of leeway to audit President Donald Trump and his family for potential tax fraud detailed this week by The New York Times — and could levy hefty civil penalties if necessary.

State law limits the amount of time prosecutors have to bring criminal charges in most tax fraud cases to three or six years after filing their income taxes, similar to federal law.

"But a civil case would not face the same limitations.

" In an investigation published Tuesday, The Times detailed numerous schemes and methods late New York City real-estate developer Fred Trump used to pass on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gifts to his children — including Donald Trump — without paying much in taxes. "

By mcfarm - Oct. 4, 2018, 4:29 p.m.
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right you are carl. the state of NY and their taxing commy departments are very powerful and they can make anybody's life miserable but relax all you libs that very same taxing authority only seems to pick political enemies. Again you libs should be frightened as some say that shoe could be on the other foot. Or are you just too used to R's playing fair and by the rules and you know you never would be treated unlawfully. Or you could ask Rush who literally was audited 10 straight years. Why? He had the audacity to move to Florida. Seems conservatives in this day of guilty until proven innocent cannot even move anymore. Some day this all come back and bite you libs right square in the ass.

By carlberky - Oct. 4, 2018, 6:29 p.m.
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mc, I'm confused. You say that Rush was audited 10 straight years (by the Federal IRS ?),  because he moved to Florida. Why would the IRS care if he moved to Florida ? If he was  audited by the state it had to have been before he moved.

Please clarify. 


By TimNew - Oct. 5, 2018, 4:45 a.m.
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You do realize there is a very good chance the NYT will end up getting sued over this "breaking" news,  right?

By mcfarm - Oct. 5, 2018, 10:37 a.m.
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no carl. we are talking NY

By carlberky - Oct. 5, 2018, 12:01 p.m.
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" … Or you could ask Rush who literally was audited 10 straight years. Why? He had the audacity to move to Florida. "

mc, If Rush moved to Florida, he no longer was a resident of NY and wouldn't be audited.  Therefore, he must of been audited by the IRS who wouldn't give a damn if he moved to Florida.

By carlberky - Oct. 5, 2018, 12:11 p.m.
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" You do realize there is a very good chance the NYT will end up getting sued over this "breaking" news,  right? "

Tim, not if their "breaking" news is factual … and you and I both know that they must have fact-checked and double checked it to avoid a law suit. 

By TimNew - Oct. 5, 2018, 12:40 p.m.
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Have you noticed the deafening silence on this blockbuster?  A Trump "Scandal" getting so little coverage?  Not something I've seen so far.  Far more trivial has been pounded to death.

"The lawyer who won a multi-million dollar libel settlement for Melania Trump is now warning The New York Times about a story suggesting her husband, President Donald Trump, may have committed tax fraud."

"Statement to The Times from Charles J. Harder, a lawyer for President Trump

The New York Times’ allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false, and highly defamatory. There was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. The facts upon which the Times bases its false allegations are extremely inaccurate. All estate matters were handled by licensed attorneys, licensed CPAs and licensed real estate appraisers who followed all laws and rules strictly. All matters were filed with the IRS and New York taxing authorities. The returns and tax positions that the Times now attacks were examined in real time by the relevant taxing authorities. The taxing authorities requested a few minor adjustments, which were made, and then fully approved all of the tax filings. These matters have now been closed for more than a decade.

President Trump had virtually no involvement whatsoever with these matters."