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Started by mojo - Oct. 7, 2018, 9:40 a.m.

The FBI DID NOT interview Kavanaugh. 

The FBI also FAILED to interview 40 people who say they can corroborate sexual misconduct claims against Kavanaugh.

The FBI DIDN"T BOTHER to look into whether Kavanaugh lied to congress.

The public will NOT be allowed to see the final report on the investigation.


By cfdr - Oct. 7, 2018, 10:26 a.m.
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Like i say, mojo - your posts are funny.

The public will NOT be allowed to see the final report on the investigation.

You do realize, don't you, that it was Dianne Feinstein who was pushing to make sure the report was kept secret?

By GunterK - Oct. 7, 2018, 2:47 p.m.
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It was never about Mr. Kavanaugh. Had Pres Trump chosen John Doe, the same thing would have happened.

Quite understandably, the Democrats did not want a Republican nominee. An important election is coming in a few days, and the Democrats hope to win the Senate.

This circus was all about disrupting the nomination process, stalling for time.

What better way to do this, than to come up, in this day and age, with sex assault charges, followed by wide ranging investigations. 

A bit of peripheral news that I just read a few days ago.....CNN and rawstory may not have mentioned it.....

Dr. Ford's best friend is a female she grew up with, went to school with, went to college with, moved to Calif with, and with whom she happened to be on vacation at this Calif beach resort, where the infamous letter to Sen. Weinstein was written.

Even though Dr; Ford stated that she had not consulted with a lawyer when writing this letter.....this woman happens to be a lawyer working for the Justice Dept.

No proof, of course, but I can imagine the conversations that took place at the Justice Dept, and in that hotel room in Calif.