flimsy conspiracy theory that Mueller tipped off CNN
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Started by metmike - Feb. 11, 2019, 1:49 a.m.

Acting AG Whitaker fuels flimsy conspiracy theory that Mueller tipped off CNN about Stone’s arrest


"Whitaker’s move to team up with ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) to spread a conspiracy theory indicates the extent to which Trump and his supporters are willing to go to suggest special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign is tainted by political motives."

metmike: A theory it is no more as the indisputable evidence and truth confirming what happened is out for all eyes to see:


"On the video at the link below, you can start watching around the the 12 minute mark to get the lead up to the zoomed in unedited  footage that shows CNN on the street in front of Stone's house."


"That's the funniest part. They have 2 dozen FBI agents, many armed with high powered weapons to get this old man, who posed no threat............and they must have known that he has cameras recording everything..........they put duct tape on one of them. They would never want this footage of CNN to be seen because its impossible to refute evidence on the video of what really happened. It contradicts CNN and the justice departments explanation................and not one of them thought to confiscate the recordings."

Mueller is supposed to be finding crimes of Trump colluding with Russia and instead, commits a crime colluding with CNN and they both are now busted lying about it. 

Must be one of the greatest blunders in history for somebody in his position at this point in the investigation.  Completely obliterates any shred of credibility that he had for me. He did NOT need to go in there with that much force but the crime was, after setting the stage with excessive force, he needed a tv station to come out and record it to show the world and intimidate Stone.

Only an unethical, politically biased, dishonest person that was overly confident/brazen enough to put themselves in this position...........not completely thinking about all aspects of the strategy to appreciate the risks of being caught.............best of all, with all those people involved, searching his house and taking his electronic devices.......... not one of them thought to confiscate the most damning  piece of  evidence there.........not damning to Stone but to Mueller!!

By metmike - Feb. 11, 2019, 2:02 a.m.
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This  should not be a republican or democratic issue. It's about how our corrupt justice department and political activist media sources are working in cahoots to frame people and manipulate situations to create a narrative that suits their political objectives/agenda. 

By mcfarmer - Feb. 11, 2019, 3:49 a.m.
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Wait, they invited CNN and they didn’t want the footage to get out ?

I’m confused.

By cliff-e - Feb. 11, 2019, 4:15 a.m.
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Perhaps if Faux News or Wikileaks had been there to get the "scoop" it woulda been OK with ReTrumplicans? lol! ;)

By mcfarm - Feb. 11, 2019, 7 a.m.
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yes mcfarmer cnn was invited but they only wanted cnn's footage to get out...huge thread below about this mess with more details.....this is not Nazi Germany yet, wow just thought of that connection MUELLER---NAZI GERMWNY--STRANGE

By silverspiker - Feb. 11, 2019, 11:45 a.m.
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....For any change I want to make in my life, I set an intention. Knowing that my thoughts and words attract similar experiences, I keep them affirmative....  To establish harmony, I hold thoughts of love.....

      ---.....  Mueller must not have been present in Sunday School that day.......   



By metmike - Feb. 11, 2019, 1:49 p.m.
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CNN was invited to record the event from the FBI and Mueller's point of view, to show Stone, exactly as they did on CNN. Exactly. Watch and listen to the dozen stories and video on CNN. It's painted 100% one sided. 

The video from Stone's cameras just shows the setting leading up to and during the bust. Unlike the CNN footage(which we already knew had to be shot at an advantageous point, authorized by the FBI-or the video would not exist) the security camera shows the exact timing and positions vs surmising what was most likely based on the CNN footage.

Nobody that understands what is allowed in a situation like this and is thinking objectively could come to any other conclusion. 

I have already provided the smoking gun evidence and it won't get any better than this. That's all that can be done. It's fine to continue to discuss this topic or similar ones respectfully and without articles that make no sense and are counter productive but are cut and pasted blindly because of an allegiance to one's cognitive bias.

We will see how things go.

To help you understand this more, read this post earlier please:



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                 By metmike - Feb. 11, 2019, 1:17 p.m.            


I appreciate your valued opinion mcfarmer.

We are in the process of working things out here. 

At first, we allowed almost anything as long as fellow posters did not attack other posters. However, many links and articles with wild speculative attacks and name calling of Trump, was clearly offensive to Trump supporters as well as being repugnant to objective people who came here for intelligent discourse.

Most recently, I figured we could keep the politics in under many scenarios, including one that featured objective empirical evidence to support a position. 

Last night, I provided an example of using irrefutable evidence from the Stone arrest..............a video showing the FBI setting CNN up with a position to shoot  video of the Stone arrest in order to provide the FBI with the right coverage and narrative on CNN. 

Nobody else was allowed on the street which was blocked off. Neighbors had to go into their houses but somehow, one side thinks that CNN being right there with the FBI, captured on video(which we knew already) is not evidence of anything.

I worked in television news for 11 years and am viewing this from an enlightened standpoint of protocol between cops and media and of course, the reality of the video..

However, one side has decided to see something completely different than what the video shows. It's like when people tell me that the planet is dying from the increase i in CO2 and I show them actual satellite studies/pictures that prove the planet is greening up and that the polar bear population has been increasing from the latest experts and that we've been having the best weather and climate in the past 1,000 years for life. I am an atmospheric scientist studying this for 2 decades, so I have all the data that matters..........the response is to send me an article from 10 years ago from 1 source stating that polar bears in one location had decreased. 

Minds have been made up. I get that with religion(its called faith for a reason) and politics. However,  minds made up to reject science, empirical data and authentic facts is something which is most concerning.

I prefer(especially as a scientist) to learn more and understand  even better the true extent of today's cognitively biased society vs being frustrated by it and banning too many things here because it's just one sides cognitive bias vs the other sides bias and authentic facts/truth doesn't matter.

Even truths have been twisted to be "subjective" truths. However, as an independent, open minded moderator and objective scientist trying my best to make the world a better place, applying compassion and tolerance not judgement, I see some truth's as being THE truth. When those TRUTH'S are provable in the eyes of an objective observer...........and sometimes they don't line up with one sides view, sometimes they do, they should not be forced to hide. 

If they lead to divisive discourse here, then we can go on to another subject.