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Started by metmike - April 15, 2018, 2:23 p.m.

This is a follow up to mikempt's post from last weekend:

"I spammed so bad with ad choice  on this new site. Anybody else have problems? it locks my computer up so bad"

Thanks to this response by JP, I have been able to count the ads that we are bombarded with every time we come here:

"I use this and really like it.

This site is very slow to respond, with or without it, but at least with it there's no irritating spam to contend with." 

AdBlocker Ultimate

It appears that when we first come here, we are bombarded with 29 different ads immediately. When we/you reply, an additional 9 ads.

Why is this? Why wasn't the old site like that?

When Alex and I talked about the future of the forum, years ago, one of his objectives was to increase ad sales.

Our new moderator and those she works with have done a marvelous job............massively increasing sales of ads to generate income for them.

I was not able to count ads a few months ago(before JP gave us the link) and don't know if there has been even more increases since then but the #1 objective of this site, clearly is to generate income by selling ads. 

Is 29 alot of ads? I counted the ads at some other sites to compare. Government links have no ads, which are the majority for me to get data. 

Non government sites vary.  Many have 1 or 2 ads. A few might have as many as 4. The most I found was 7 ads:


No doubt there are many, many others, maybe some with more ads than 7 I would bet.

It appears that 29 of them here, is in the stratosphere,  like mikempt said, it locks up his computer. 

I have no idea how many ads were being sold when Alex was here but clearly they are doing an incredible job doing it now, greatly exceeding those numbers, which was one of Alex's objectives.

They provide an INO Market commentary twice daily, as well as News & Commentary and price quotes for all the markets. 

So congrats to Julie and MarketForum on the massive success on your sales. 

With regards to JP's link earlier to the ad blocker. Sort of funny that it defeats the reason for Marketforum to exist  because it blocks the ads (-:

Here is an interesting discussion on ad sales.


By mikempt - April 15, 2018, 2:37 p.m.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one for once!


By silverspiker - April 15, 2018, 5:59 p.m.
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I am stuck with just hopefully answering a full and resounding...