Update planting Progess "Here"
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Started by wglassfo - June 9, 2019, 4:55 p.m.

Well we missed the rain so far

My wife swears the rain will miss us tonite

I disagree

Yesterday, got started planting  some wet ground by

 11:00 A: M

So far today on day two 4:30  P:M we have surpassed the 200 acre mark [I mentioned in another post] and corn is still going in the ground albeit all on less than dry conditions but the folks want us to plant corn

We still have some sweet corn and beans to plant

The calendar says we are really late

Golly will it mature and what kind of yield reduction


By wglassfo - June 9, 2019, 5:15 p.m.
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I would assume a fair number of acres got planted this week aalthough it is raining in Mich and parts around the area

NASCAR was cancelled

Of those acres reported planted and how many got replanted or not replanted and given how many reported mudded in crops

One has to wonder what the harvest tally will be

All we really have is planted acres but this yr that does not tell us very much

In VA where our CO grows sweet corn the drought is so bad the circle pivot never stops

I do not know what they may have got from the current rain in that area

In Ontario livestock farmers are already trying to buy corn to replace unplanted acres, fpr next yrs feed needs

Some idea of the number of unplanted acres we have

Drive down any road and you will see fields with no crop of even a start to planting

Ontario does not seem to have very good luck with no-till even after many yrs of trying to make it work every body seems to have given up on the idea

I tried every possible method I could think of and gave up myself.

This yr many acres were no tilled, just to get seed in the ground

Added to NA with both wet and drought the Phillipines and Australia are also having crop problems

And of course china has a big food production problem

with both swine flu and army worm

Russia seems to expect a good yr.

By kermit - June 10, 2019, 6:55 a.m.
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Been notilling for 25 years . Over 60 bushels of beans last year. It works in Ontario

By wglassfo - June 10, 2019, 2:31 p.m.
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My bad kermit

I should have said no till COC does not work "here" Many people tried, nobody succeeded. Perhaps you also no-till corn. We find no difference with no -till beans

Some plant no-till corn on bean ground but we are mostly COC. No till corn on beans about equals the savings in machinery expenses at best, "here"

Stalks and trash that stick up in the air seem to make the corn plant think the residue above ground is a competing weed. We use  chopping corn head rolls and find tillage with COC gives us the best yields. We need to have trash to stop wind erosion. thus it is a fine line we walk.

We no-till beans and have good luck, so my bad for not being specific, as I was all wrapped up in corn planting

Well the rain held off and we got a day and 1/2  to plant corn in several small locations. Finished the corn about mid nite or a bit later, last nite, before the heavens opened up with a fair amount of rain. 3/4" and still some small amount of rain falling. Might help some of the sins we committed this spring as all the corn looks good, so far:

Not going to speculate about maturity, plant health etc as we need heat and lots off it. Everything is emerged but everybody with emerged corn is growing very slowly. Our last planting has not emerged, of course.

June 20 may be the last day I will plant beans. I may give up on some wet clay ground and just tile it this summer and hope for dry soil conditions

What little profit I give up on late planted beans may be gained back with proper tile installation

All of our other planting is done for the yr..

This rain will stop most of the remaining planting of bean acres for other folks "here" at least a week. If it dries out any sooner it would have been planted before this last rain came

20 miles away got no rain.

Many acres not touched before this rain around "here"

What is the general situation in your location Kermit???

Not sure this belongs in TR but it is a small part of the big picture of supply and demand

By kermit - June 10, 2019, 8:52 p.m.
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Yes notill corn hardly worth the effort. Rotate chemicals, rotate crops, rotate tillage. Soil save wheat ground for corn, notill beans and wheat. Corn on bean ground would be the easiest for no till . We got 2 or 3 days end of last week till this morning. A lot of corn will be in. A lot of beans to plant. .5 rain so far today.  Late beans will make winter wheat a challenge this fall, unless it is  better than average

By tjc - June 11, 2019, 1:09 p.m.
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North Central, Illinois--"here"

305 acres PP corn.  Decision was made on June 5.  Perhaps an easier decision for a landlord than a tenant.

No mortgage, no nitrogen applied.  No compaction/ruts.  Seed can be returned.  No fear of frost.  No anticipated drying cost.

Tenant hopeful to plant ALL his farmed beans late into tonight.  (Rain forecasted for Wednesday, 50% chances Sat and Sun)