Mueller testimony
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Started by metmike - July 6, 2019, 12:38 p.m.

Here’s how lawmakers plan to grill Mueller during his public testimony

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller will testify in public hearings before two House committees on July 17.
  • Democrats hope Mueller will not only nail home the most damning findings from his Russia report, but also offer some new dirt on Trump.
  • Republicans will likely press the former FBI director to respond to accusations of political bias in the government and on his own investigative team.

Democrats hope Mueller will not only nail home the most damning findings from his 448-page Russia report — which most Americans likely haven’t read — but also offer some new dirt on Trump. Republicans, many of whom soured on Mueller over the course of his probe, will likely press the former FBI director to respond to accusations of political bias in the government and on his own investigative team.

“The obvious question is the one that everyone in the country wants to know: When did you first know there was no conspiracy, coordination or collusion?” said Judiciary Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Politico reported.  “How much longer did it take Bob Mueller to figure that out? Did he intentionally wait until after 2018 midterms, or what?”

By metmike - July 6, 2019, 12:40 p.m.
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Here's a fun line of hypothetical questions and answers:

Rep-met.mike-Market Forum: "Mr. Mueller, when your FBI arrested Roger Stone on January 25, 2019, who in your department was in contact with CNN prior to the arrest?"

Mueller:  "I am not aware of anybody connected with the FBI that was in contact with CNN prior to this arrest"

metmike: "In arrests similar to this in the past, is it considered proper protocol for the FBI to allow a major national television news network to accompany the FBI and record the event?"

Mueller: "I was not involved in those previous arrests and can't comment on them"

metmike: Mr. Mueller, can you site an instance when a major news network was allowed to accompany the FBI on a similar arrest"

Mueller: "Again, I was not involved in previous arrests and can't comment on them"

metmike: "On this arrest, how do you think that CNN knew to be there exactly 1 hour before the arrest"

Mueller: "You'll have to ask CNN that question"

metmike: Mr. Mueller, once CNN arrived at this location, video surveillance and their own footage shows that they were authorized to record the entire event from an optimal spot, in front of the Stone house, positioned with the FBI agents.  Who would have authorized them to do this"

Mueller: "I'm not sure"

metmike: In this particular arrest and under FBI protocol, with similar arrests, all pedestrians and traffic was closed off for the entire block and all neighbors on that block were told to stay in their houses, is this correct?

Mueller: "To my understanding that is correct"

metmike: With that being the case, can you explain how a CNN reporter and photographer were allowed to be there upfront, recording the event to play on national television?"

Mueller: "Because I wanted to close out my Witch Hunt with a big bang and give the anti Trump station an exclusive story to spin to make me look good and the evil Trump and his associates bad"

Mueller: "Hey! Who slipped the truth serum into my coffee!!!!"

By mcfarm - July 6, 2019, 1:35 p.m.
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I predict the dems will end up very sorry they just had to put on the spectacle. There is so much more damaging info to come out about the when, why, and how this mess all started than info to damage Trump. 

Americans by and large are a fair people and can easily tell when somebody is trying something like this fake shame of an investigation. Mueller will also coming out of this wishing he had never went.

By metmike - July 6, 2019, 2:10 p.m.
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Am betting that this will be used by the dems, MSM and Mueller to spin a Trump committed crimes narrative. Actually, there is no need to bet, who can disagree? They are just following the game plan and know what they will do already. 

Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear sheet in the woods?


It does not matter what actually happened. The positions are not based on an awareness of what really happened or any truth.  That does not matter any more. What matters is how creative and convincing that you can be with your manufactured scenarios. 

By mcfarm - July 6, 2019, 6:46 p.m.
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yes I agree MM. But although Trey Gowdy is gone there are a couple of Rep. Senators and congressmen who are capable prosecutors who will ask some very direct questions that Mueller will not be happy to answer

By metmike - July 6, 2019, 9:29 p.m.
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Muellers a sharp guy. He already knows what all the possible questions will be and what his answers will be.......and none of them will make him look bad.

If he knew early on that Trump did not collude with Russia, do you think that he'll say that?

Everybody knows that he must have known with certainty before a year was up and well before the mid term elections(which is part of why there was an assumption that Trump must be guilty-or why in the world was he going 1.5 years) but he will have reasons that sound good for justifying the length of the investigation. 

The purpose of the hearings is to ignite new life into the Trump investigation so that it takes center stage again in order to discredit Trump and diminish his chances of being re elected in 2020. 

Can you imagine what it would be like for the democrats to run on the agenda and positions they took during the debates? vs the current roaring economy and rock bottom unemployment rates............for all people, not just rich people or white old men or racists.

The winning strategy for the Dems in this next election is ENTIRELY based on uniting to make Trump look bad about everything he did and does.......then using that to contrast with somebody they elevate on to a pedistole.  Whoever runs against him is not going to stand out as somebody with  VIABLE solutions to problems.  That doesn't matter and probably not that much on who the actual person is that gets the nomination.

You watch. As soon as that person is nominated the MSM will treat them like they are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa resurrected and come back as one person. They can't do that yet because they can't waste a bunch of cheerleading for the wrong person. If they get on the Joe Biden bandwagon too soon and with too much gusto and it ends up not being him, they shoot themselves in the foot.   When that person is known, they will be worshipped like a God by the MSM so that Americans will know who to vote for in 2020.