Stossel on the celebration of freedom.
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Started by TimNew - July 7, 2019, noon

It's often difficult to decide what portion of a Stossel article should be copied,   but I'll go with this.

"America happened — and continues to happen — spontaneously, when its leaders are smart enough to just stay out of our way."

I don't agree with his assertion that anyone, at least not a significant #, wants to end immigration. Illegal immigration is a different story.

By metmike - July 8, 2019, midnight
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Thanks Tim!

Stossel is awesome. Here's another recent article by him:

The Left’s War on Science, by John Stossel

John Stossel: The anti-science left

For me, the climate optimum being turned into a climate crisis is the quintessential example of anti science.............and then calling people like me with the authentic science, "science deniers"

but it's worked extremely well based on the answer to these 2 questions.

1. How many people think that our planet is having a climate crisis?

2. How many people know that we are actually having a climate optimum for life?

By TimNew - July 8, 2019, 7:38 a.m.
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At the risk of belaboring the point...    The left uses the term "anti-science" as a label for those who disagree with them.   Climate is one area among several, including "life does not begin at conception" and "genetics do not determine sex".