Overcrowded detention centers
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Started by GunterK - July 7, 2019, 6:56 p.m.

During the last few weeks, the News Media has presented us a never-ending stream of articles and pictures from the detention centers on our Southern borders.

These centers are definitely overcrowded. Most people there can be seen sleeping on mattresses, but quite a few are sleeping on concrete floors. Many of them were given aluminum blankets to keep themselves warm.

AOC went on to say that these detention centers are like the Nazi concentration camps. This (in my opinion absurd) comment caused a lot of backlash, especially from our Jewish communities.

Now, Congress Woman Tlaib, during an interview on ABC, agreed with AOC’s assessment. She added that these NAZI-style concentration camps are “dehumanizing”

Quite frankly, this kind of stuff is getting a bit too much for me….

There are some 500,000+ homeless people in the US. No doubt, some of them are illegal aliens, but the majority of them are US citizens who fell on hard times. They sleep in the park or under bridges, many sleep on sidewalks. Some of them have blankets, others shield themselves from the cold with cardboard boxes.

To get some money for food, they have to beg people on the street corners.

Toilets are not readily available for them, so, some of them defecate on the sidewalks.

Talk about “dehumanizing”…….I am sure, many of these homeless people would love to spend a few days in one of those “concentration camps” on our borders.. There, they would have a roof over their head… they would be fed 3 meals a day, and toilets are readily available for them.

But then… our politicians don’t really care about the US citizen… they care more about those law-breaking intruders, because this gives them air time and an opportunity to oppose the president.

By TimNew - July 7, 2019, 7:29 p.m.
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As I've mentioned more than once,  this is straight out of Cloward-Piven.  What better way to break the system and justify socialism than to overload the existing system to the point of collapse.

Of course,  Cloward-Piven was based on the idea that they could exploit existing minorities in this country by forcing enough of them into poverty, thereby forcing a collapse and ensuing riots. But even our flawed version of crony-capitalism proved too strong and the volume of "poverty stricken" within the given population was not sufficient.

So now they need to import a few hundred thousand "refugees" per year.  It will work eventually..  If they can keep anyone from stopping it