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Started by GunterK - July 22, 2019, 2:11 p.m.

"....Though Mr. Mueller’s final report asserted that the Russian government interfered in “a sweeping and systemic fashion” to influence the 2016 election, the 450-page great tome contains zero evidence to support that claim, and the discrepancy was actually noticed by federal judge Dabney Friedrich who is presiding over the case against the alleged Russian Facebook trolls that was one of the two tent-poles in the RussiaGate fantasy. The case is now blowing up in Robert Mueller’s face...."

...and more...

By TimNew - July 22, 2019, 2:56 p.m.
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The dems don't like the answers they've gotten so far, so they'll keep asking till they hear what they want.  It may never happen,  but they'll manage to continue to add gas to a mostly extinguished fire. 

By wglassfo - July 22, 2019, 3:09 p.m.
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I am not a lawyer and don't even pretend to know what the what might be

In that same article, perhaps in an extension to the original,[Not sure where I read it but did read what was posted above]

So with that as back ground the question was asked

Could Mueller himself be guilty of crimes during his tenure as the top dog in the investigation

Read on and decide for yourself

Mueller brought charges against the group of Russians, never once thinking they would attempt a defense. Surprise, surprise. The Russians hired a lawyer and went to court. To Mueller's great dismay this opens the door to discovery in which the prosecution has to turn over any evidence of wrong doing , so the defense can plan a defense of the charges. The judge, surprisingly read the entire indictment and found no actual evidence of wrong doing and asked Mueller to provide the evidence of which Mueller seems not able to produce. Instead he resorted to allegations in his court filing. This is not evidence. Not even a he said, she said kind of argument. 3rd party evidence is not admissible in court, if it can even be said to be evidence which Mueller seems incapable of providing even any kind of bare bones, legal prosecution documents

Thus one would ask if Mueller brought false charges to the court

Is this criminal behaviour???

Add to Muellers discomfort is the Dems have asked him to appear before not one but two committees to answer further, his findings. Now that the judge has ruled, there is nothing there, the Dems probably wish they had never asked him to appear, as some highly embarrassing questions will be asked. The Dems had asked before reading the decision of the judge, so one would wonder just who was the brain who did not read the supposed evidence and should have quietly, not made an issue of Mueller. But the Dems were so desperate for anything, they knew there just had to be something more, and a committee, seemed the best opportunity to get everything out in the open. Sadly, one might think Mueller will greatly disappoint the Dems in his testimony as even Mueller knows the consequences of perjury

By mcfarm - July 22, 2019, 4:14 p.m.
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Mueller has problems just like comey, stryuck, page and all the rest . Number 1 he had that meeting with Trump where Trump discussed Comey's removal {should of been months earlier} which makes Mueller a witness and then he accepts special council post. This not to mention how he bungled the thing from start to finish including the report where just flat made stuff up, admitted he had no way to charge then proceeded to go where no prosecutor goes in detailing fake news. Day 1 on the job, the FBI hands over a empty report on Russia including non verified information used to get FISA warrants....guess what save 40 million and close the case that any honest man would have

By metmike - July 22, 2019, 5:35 p.m.
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What To Expect From Robert Mueller’s Testimony Before Congress


Democrats have secured 5 hours of public testimony from the special counsel to talk about the Russia investigation, hoping to present Mueller’s findings to the public in a

new light

"A majority of Democratic voters already do. A Politico/Morning Consult poll found last month that 67 percent of Democratic voters think the House should bring impeachment proceedings."

Which is why the dems are conducting this publicity stunt because attacking Trump and things associated with Trump is the one thing that unifies democrats. They will ask Mueller loaded, rhetorical questions which they already have the answers to and unless he strongly objects,  will leave us with the impression that Trump is guilty of the purported crime that their rhetorical question accuses him of or alludes was committed by the manner in which they present the question.

I don't see Mueller correcting them in favor of Trump because his investigation already has a black eye from not finding anything that it was designed to find and the worse that he can make Trump look, the more justified it makes his investigation look.

That's the bottom line for Mueller. His answers must and will  justify the legitimacy of this 2+ year investigation which means he must tell us or imply some bad things that he found or it makes the entire investigation look like a farce. 

There are some from the right that think that he will be surprised by republican questions and unable to justify certain elements of the investigation. This is wishful thinking.  

He already knows the answers to the questions that he knows are coming about different elements in the investigation and none of his answers will make him look bad. It's silly to think that the talking heads on Fox news  know about all these questions that are going to catch Mueller and reveal things that he doesn't want us to know about how this investigation was conducted. 

Mueller will not say anything that makes him or the investigation look bad.  If he is asked a rhetorical question by a republican that suggests improper behavior, Mueller will disarm the attack by providing a great sounding explanation...........for everything.

After the testimony, look for the dems to immediately come out with claims such as "NOW we finally have the compelling evidence to impeach Trump" and they already know that's what they will do  because its part of the matter what Mueller specifically says.

By mcfarm - July 22, 2019, 5:59 p.m.
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MM, let not forget the inspector generals report to hit the stands later this month. Meuller know that is coming right at him and the deep staters which makes it more unlikely the dems are going to hear what they think they will hear. All the rats now have to protect themselves and Meuller has taken on the hat as a chief rat, nobody forced him, he volunteered. He had absolute power for a microsecond and we know that corrupts absolutely.