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Started by cliff-e - July 25, 2019, 7:57 a.m.

causing economic hardship in the rural United States. All new wealth is generated from the soil and it starts in the heartland. We went to the local green machinery dealer yesterday and it's like a ghost town around there and many other ag suppliers.


Re: Tariffs...
By wglassfo - July 25, 2019, 10:05 a.m.
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This tariff business may last a long time

Trump was right to stand up to china when he said the USA is not the piggy bank to the world

Unfortunately the entire world has gone mad, printing money to pay bills, and the USA is paying a big price which trickles down to you and me.

This money printing will find it's way into equities [I think] causing a massive explosion in price. Then the crash comes when there are no more buyers left

Now, we know that economic growth is fueled by GDP, not funny money

And as posted, much of the GDP starts from the soil [Ag, mining, oil etc] which is used for products that have value

On a one yr cycle we may end up using most of our corn surplus which makes it very important to replace it next yr. On the soybeans, not very many folks are very proud of their soybean crop. Beans are late this yr, maybe, on average, more so than corn. We may not have to export as many beans due to lower yield

I think the total production on beans may be the surprise this yr. However, you are correct. Truck traffic seems to be moving. But golly, can the USA keep this economic activity going when the rest of the world seems to be entering a recession

Somebody always gets hurt in a trade war.