Living in a twisted reality....
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Started by GunterK - Sept. 4, 2019, 2:18 p.m.

A few posts below is an interesting debate about the melting icecaps. Metmike pointed out that we are being told that the melting icecaps would make polar bears extinct (“proven” by the picture of a starving, sick bear), while, in reality, the polar bear population has increased considerably, in spite of melting ice.

What caught my attention was metmike’s comment near the end. “Your brain has been fed the complete opposite information [snip], so I understand why you think otherwise.”

Of course, he was referring to polar bears…. but think about it… could make this statement about a lot of things…. we are being manipulated to accept a warped “reality”… we are being brainwashed…. big time!!!!!

Here are a few samples…..

As metmike has pointed out many times, a “climate optimum” is now a “climate crisis”

Law-breaking border-crashers are now “immigrants”

Antifa, a militant organization clearly modeled after Mussolini’s Black Shirts (the original fascists) and Hitler’s Brown Shirts, is an “anti-fascist” group

A large scale invasion of illegal intruders on our Southern border is not a crisis, but having them arrested and placed into temporary jails is inhumane and a “crisis”.

They were going after Jeffry Epstein for “trafficking of minors”, but the fact that a shockingly large portion of the so-called “family units” applying for asylum involve trafficked children is ignored.

When Trump wants to “put America first”, he, by definition, is a “nationalist”, but the MSM calls him a Nazi.

“Nationalism” (wanting your country to do well) is called White Supremacy.

“gay pride parades” are held in many cities, that’s ok, but when somebody organizes a “straight pride parade”, it’s called “offensive”

Trump is called “divisive”, “inciting violence”, but when pamphlets are handed out, saying “Trump supporters should be placed into death camps”, that’s ok.

Trump is accused of “inciting violence”, but then TV personalities advocated to “take their fight to the streets”, that’s OK

Trump is accused of inciting violence, but the many times MAGA hat wearers get beat up, is not considered “violence”

Trump tweeted in quick succession that San Francisco (Nancy Pelosi’s city) is a mess, and that E. Cummings’ district is a mess. Both comments were truthful and factual, but the latter one was considered “racist”, the other was not.

Animal Planet revealed to us that Baltimore is the planet’s third most rat-infested city. But when Trump tweeted about it, he was called a racist. Why? Rats?... commentators quickly explained that the rats were mostly in areas populated by minorities. Therefore, making the association of rats and minorities is a “racial” insult. However, Trump never made this association, only those commentators did…. which actually makes these commentators the real “racists”, but we can’t call them “racist”, because they are from the Left.

When an Antifa mob attacked a “straight pride parade” in Boston, AOC praised Antifa for protecting the people of Boston from “white supremacists”…. and they call Alex Jones a “conspiracy nut”

Most members of our entertainment industry favor the “Party of Peace and Tolerance”, and they certainly let everyone know how “tolerant” they are, but then they create a movie, called The Hunt, which features Democrats hunting and killing Republicans for sport.

When Trump talks to Putin, he is called a “traitor”, but when someone else sells Uranium to Russia, that’s OK.

This week, it was recommended to make public a list of all the businesses (or their owners) who support Trump. (not much different from the Nazis putting the Star of David on the doors of Jewish owned businesses).

What’s scary about all this, is the fact that a large portion of our population has been, and is being brainwashed on an ongoing basis. “They” (meaning the MSM, the big Tech Companies, the Deep State, the Entertainment Industry, whoever you want to include in this powerful group) control what the public hears and sees. It is almost impossible for much of our population not to believe what is presented to them on a daily basis

The way I see it… the older part of our population gets their news from our MSM on TV. They simply don’t have chance to see the world from another angle. And our young generation is submerged in social media sites…. and those sites are strongly regulating their content.

Alternative news sites are being cramped, restricted and shut down. Soon, none of us will know what’s really going on.


By metmike - Sept. 4, 2019, 7:01 p.m.
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Wierd that something can be so crystal clear with empirical data, observations(not personal observations but official, recorded, historical, scientific observations that represent reality) can be showing indisputably(indisputable to the truth that is) what is going on..........yet an alternate, manufactured reality that cannot be substantiated by the empirical data of the truthful/authentic reality(which  contradicts the manufactured reality-by design in fact) is what has taken over the mindsets of so many realms right now.

As an atmospheric scientist for 37 years, the realm the manufactured reality of a climate crisis is a key issue right now, which I am committed to speak out about because I know the truth(not MY truth but THE truth) and have more data and knowledge  than anybody to show it.

I have discussed the brainwash numerous times recently before madmechanic brought it up. So now we have 3 of my discussions that focus almost entirely on that aspect:

                A global climate strike            

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                            Started by madmechanic - Sept. 1, 2019, 1:23 p.m.    

I prove over and over again what they did to hijack climate science and rewrite climate history and show the reason using the empirical data, truth/science supporting reality...and the brainwashing techniques. 

This is not one of those political issues, where democrats think socialism is good and republicans think the free market and capitalism is good. I  am not trying to make a case for socialism to be bad if you read my posts.  That's Tim's position. In fact Tim and I disagree on how much of a role that government should play in healthcare but that's a different topic.

I have complimented the United Nations on their postition and programs to help poor countries and poor people. They have done a tremendous amount of good. 

However, I take extreme issue with the unethical, dishonest and even diabolical manner in which they are using the fake climate crisis and Climate Accord agreement to impose an agenda(that would crush the USA' s economy and people). 

An entity with entirely altruistic objectives can be completely transparent to the world because the truth of their actions and objectives would shine brightly............and the world would want to be play a role in helping them accomplish their goals.

But they have hijacked, rewritten and set back climate science many decades, destroying its future credibility to educate people with authentic climate science for decades to come..........intentionally.  Yeah, that's diabolical. 

The facade that they call the "CLIMATE" Accord does absolutely nothing, even believing whatever science you want to believe to address the climate. Global emissions go up based on the actual aggreement  and by the most in the countries that they have designated as poor, like China and India.

If they were right about CO2 being a pollutant and leading to catastrophic warming and really believed it, then the agreement is stating that it's ok to destroy the long as the countries that we designate as poor do it, not the rich countries..........based on the actual agreement which features China and India continuing to massively increase CO2 emissions.

Don't believe it?

China has been on board with the Accord for years now. Here's another thread that proves the above statement.

                This day in history September 3, 2019-climate agreement            


Look at what China, a member of the Climate Accord(even our "this day in history" celebrates it today) is doing right now. Building even more coal plants and increasing CO2 out the wazooo.

But what is the message that we get across the board from the MSM, dems and all the countries in the accord about the Climate Accord???

Trump withdrew and is destroying the planet.

If they really believed that CO2 was an existential threat to the planet, why is Bernie Sanders actually complimenting China for doing exactly what he says will destroy the planet?

By metmike - Sept. 4, 2019, 7:06 p.m.
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It's getting to the point now Gunter, that I've done so much research since taking over as moderator, that on many of these discussions, I only need to go back to site previous discussions that have the evidence.

The sad thing is that this is not why I took over as moderator but the truth really matters in my world and I can't be part of something that doesn't represent the truth(not my truth, THE truth based on authentic facts)

On Sanders and China:

We all know that Trump saysa lot of insane not true things.

Sanders is giving him a run for his money:

1. Completely fake climate crisis(emergency) about our current climate optimum(for life)

2. Economy killing fairy tale dynamics for his "Green New Deal"

3. Now he's praising China for what one of the most human rights oppressive governments on the planet is doing for its people by increasing its fossil fuel use to double that of the US and rapidly going higher,  which he has been screaming about(attacking the US) for years as a violation that is going to destroy the planet.

No, seriously, that's not fake news.  I guess the big difference is that Trumps lies are to promote his Make American Great Again policies. Sanders lies would make American a 3rd world country for the first time(and apparently aid China vs the US).

Sanders praises China's leadership in interview

           by           Joseph Simonson          


           | August 27, 2019 

"They're a country that vigorously protects their own interests," the Vermont senator said in an interview with The Hill. "But what we have to say about China, in fairness to China and its leadership, is if I'm not mistaken, they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization, okay? So they've done a lot of things for their people."

metmike: What the heck? is Sanders suffering SEVERE dementia?

The Chinese are some of the most oppressed people on the planet and they suffer extreme human rights violations that are completely unacceptable by any standards. 

China is inventing a whole new way to oppress a people

The Chinese government’s oppression extends far beyond Uighurs

Human rights in China

Now you may think that I'm being a bit hard on Bernie because he is addressing China's economic development over the past 2 decades..............and he would be absolutely correct about their economy being one of the fastest growing in the world during the last 20 years.

But here's the point. The entire reason for China to accomplish the economic success comes from this:

China's CO2 emissions have almost tripled over the last 2 decades and are almost double the emissions of the US, with ours going down recently as theirs is on a course to be more than triple our emissions. This actually, is the quintessential, irrefutable example of the correlation between using cheap, reliable and dependable fossil fuels and economic growth

Sanders wants to crush our economy with a Green New Deal that eliminates fossil fuels for us and he has the audacity to compliment China's economy that is powered by an increase in fossil fuels that is greater than the rest of the world combined and soaring higher????

CO2 is well mixed in the global atmosphere, whether it comes from the US or China.


Kill the USA's economy, cheer for China to grow using fossil fuels!


By madmechanic - Sept. 5, 2019, 7:48 p.m.
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Rather than start a new topic on this, I will add my thoughts here. Hopefully this isn't thread drift, but I think it's applicable.

For many months now something has been nagging at me, and that's the seeming hypocrisy in the whole climate change crises and the demonizing of certain countries while others escape criticism.

The standout in my mind is China. As Mike has pointed out many times recently, China's signing of the Paris Accord, which was seen as a victory to the Obama administration, was really more symbolic and in many ways a terrible economic deal for the US.

The hypocrisy I see stems from the way China is treated by protesters and the MSM, or shall I say, the fact that China seems to escape ALL criticism despite being the #1 leader in CO2 emissions by a WIDE margin.

If politicians and protesters were really that serious, why aren't they targeting their campaigns at 'reeling in China's emissions"? Instead, they demonize the western developed countries: the United States and much of Europe.

We never see AOC or any other high profile political body tweeting about China's ever growing CO2 emissions and you don't see or hear anything about Extinction Rebelling protesters gluing themselves to roads and building in China.

So why is it that the 'western developed world' ends up demonized but countries like China (and also India) get a proverbial free ride in all this.

China's signing of the Paris Accord was next to meaningless as far as I can tell. They are 'allowed' to continue increasing CO2 emissions unchecked till 2030, which I remind you is when AOC and others are claiming we are doomed anyway. Same goes for India, which is rapidly industrializing much like China has been doing for the last 2 decades.

Something does not seem right about this 'agreement' or arrangement and it looks to me like a double-standard.

By metmike - Sept. 5, 2019, 10:46 p.m.
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Great to have another person that can think independently, critically and objectively to see what would be obvious to everybody if the effective brainwash hadn't convinced them that the Climate Accord was about the has nothing to do with that.

If it was, then what you noted and what I have repeatedly shown could not be. 

This is not my fact or interpretation or data, it's everybody's data. They just need to look at it. 

I did not write or make up or interpret the terms of the Climate Accord. The UN and countries that signed it did and I'm just reporting to you what they did. 

They are telling you something different than what they really did to sell the climate crisis narrative...... but I have been showing you what they really did.............and it couldn't have anything to do with climate or CO2 because of what you stated.

By metmike - Sept. 5, 2019, 10:54 p.m.
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Let me put it this way.

What if we asked 100 people if they actually read the Climate Accord, how many would say they did?

Likely none.

How about 1,000 people?  Maybe 1 or 2.....or maybe none.

So how do people really know what it says and calls for? We have to take the word of a bunch of people that are using it to sell the climate crisis and know that people will never read the documents. 

Most people assume that its to reduce carbon pollution(even though CO2 is a beneficial gas greening up the planet) which is causing the (fake) climate crisis and the entire world needs to abide by it or the planet will be lost by the magic year 2030. 

I've read it several times and passed on some key points that people should know.

You just noticed and pointed out one of them with your great post.

Observations like yours happen when you think for yourself using common sense.

In one graph, why the #ParisAgreement  is useless

"Activists think the world will be uninhabitable for our children if the U.S. pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord. For example, via Vox

Quitting the Paris climate agreement would be a moral disgrace

President Trump is selling out our kids to give false hope to coal workers.

There is no employment upside to an “America First” retreat from global leadership on one of the few issues that can accurately be described as a potentially existential threat to humankind.

There is only the profound immorality of abdication — of gleefully passing a mounting problem on to our children, and on to the poor.