And another one bites the dust, Trump fires Bolton
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Started by pj - Sept. 10, 2019, 4:53 p.m.

By mcfarm - Sept. 10, 2019, 6:03 p.m.
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Not to sure how I feel about this move. Bolton knows stuff. He handled the UN like it should be handled {jean Kirpatrick style} He gave the terrorist hell and whatever else they deserve, He was tough when not a lib on earth knew what that meant. Know that he is gone he will be the left's movie star for a brief time, then tossed aside like trash. Trump needs somebody with those kind of nerves and nuts to counter whoever wants to go soft.

By pj - Sept. 10, 2019, 7:37 p.m.
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My guess, Bolton wasn't in favor of going as easy on the Taliban as Trump to get some sort of deal.

By metmike - Sept. 10, 2019, 10:01 p.m.
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pj, I was thinking the same thing. Bolton is a hawk as you probably know.

This was another one of those things about Trumps agenda that I like. I have always identified with the Libertarian party the most for this reason, which I'm betting you can appreciate(one of the very few for you about Trump).

Ron Paul would have made a wonderful president if I had my pick.

Actually, one of the reasons I voted for Obama is 2008 was a never (we're not leaving Iraq until the job is done) McCain guy. 

The job would never be done. For the past 6 decades we've spent trillions of dollars, had thousands of brave American soldiers lives lost and many thousands more with PTSD here at home and caused people there to hate us. 

                US to finally exit Afghanistan            

                            Started by metmike - Aug. 28, 2019, 7:16 p.m.    

By metmike - Sept. 15, 2019, 12:35 p.m.
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Bolton was fired after disagreeing with Trump on Iran: Report


The US president said he disagreed with Bolton, who 'forcefully' opposed easing of Iran sanctions, Bloomberg reports.

By metmike - Sept. 15, 2019, 12:51 p.m.
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Oil/Iran related from trading forum: