mcfarm it just gets worse
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 4, 2019, 9:59 p.m.

We thought we would be okay with the harvest. Just finished the beans before the rain started

Chipping away at corn

Finally on our last two 80,000 bu bins

Went to check out the bin and the floor felt spongy. We told the peiople that put those bins up the floor felt funny, so we had then out to take a look


It seems they forgot to put a major brace under the floor. They gave us the song and dance, no time to fix as the entire floor has to come out and then replace properly.

Well: That wasn't going to work as we need that last bin

Finally they agreed to put a plate over the top of the floor and promised to stand behind the corn quality if the air does not circulate properly

What can we do, so we agreed. They were out today working and they had better stand on their word, if things go side ways. Do you know what 80,000 bu corn is worth???

I want to talk to my son, who is  in the fab biz. I got an idea about a new design for these perforated air floors. They always give trouble with the sweep auger. I want hin to give an enginers look at my design. If it is good I bet he would be a very busy man building a new design floor

As always my ideas have a problem some where

By mcfarm - Nov. 5, 2019, 11:01 a.m.
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holy crap, Wayne I wish you luck. This is a mess. They forgot? Really? You are well versed and do not need my advice and this deal could not come at a more critical time for you. Hope you can trust the guys, at this time I would think you best get details nailed down in writing and signed, notarized and blood brother type promises...yes they cut there palm first and then you