California and the virus
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Started by GunterK - March 22, 2020, 11:25 p.m.

Not long ago, California elected a new governor... G Newsom.

"  Newsom becomes a main face of anti-Trump ‘resistance’.   No sooner had Gavin Newsom taken the oath of office as governor than he made it clear he will not fear becoming the new face of the national “resistance” to President Trump...." it said in the NapaValley Register ( )

Governor Newsom gave a speech on local radio this weekend. The main purpose of the speech was to assure his people that everything possible was done to keep everybody safe. 

Yet, something else shocked me.....Apparently, he had had conversations with Pres Trump and VP Pence about the corona situation, and the help California needed from the Federal Government. Newsom spoke so highly of both our President and our helpful they had been.... etc

He sounded like one of those Democrats who will vote for Trump in 2020

By metmike - March 23, 2020, 2:01 a.m.
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Thanks Gunter.

By madmechanic - March 23, 2020, noon
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Money Talks.

Governor Newsom has the entire state on lockdown and people (like ME) are literally out of work and losing income because of the shut down orders that have been issued.

Depending on how long the shut down orders last and if they are extended I will lose a minimum of $3,000 net income because of this.

Now, Newsom is likely praising Pres. Trump and VP Pence because California has extended unemployment insurance payments to those (like me) who have applied to receive unemployment income to offset regular income loss.

At time of my writing this reply, my unemployment claim is still being evaluated, so I still have no guarantee of an income check from the state, but this is why Newsom NEEDS help from the Federal Government. The state is HEMORRHAGING money that it never had to begin with. He will NEED federal funds to keep paying people to NOT work.

By metmike - March 23, 2020, 12:27 p.m.
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Thanks for the post madmechanic.

So sorry to hear that this has put you out of work. 

There really has been no choice but to have massive, complete shut downs in the hotspots.

In the majority of areas that are not hotspots, complete shutdowns maybe are the best course of action here......maybe not. The cure has been worse than the disease in those places but if it's just for a few weeks to get control/pass the peak, then loosen up on the restrictions, then it was likely a smart decision too.

I hope things can get back close to normal for you ASAP. The scariest thing is not knowing how long this will last.

4 weeks is bad enough but 12 weeks would be catastrophic.

People worrying about 12 weeks is feeding the panic and of course, a coronavirus death right now, counts 10,000 times a flu death in peoples minds and the media.

There  is a good chance that this virus is seasonal and just like the flu, numbers will drop just from the weather warming up. This is not a certainty and it might not. 

I will have more on that shortly. 

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