Going forward re: corona
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Started by wglassfo - May 17, 2020, 3:05 p.m.

My thinking is that the corna virus will be with us for ever. Forever is a scary thought, but we have had other viruses with us, ever since they were identified, so this is not a novel or new idea to think about

We all want a vaccine to protect us against the corona virus. That is so very evident, as that is all we hear about. When will a vaccine will be available

But what if the Bill and Melinda model applies

You can have the vaccine but you also have a marker in your body, that monitors your every activity. That is the Bill and Melinda model. Bill has even spoken about population reduction. He is accused of killing at least 500,000 people in India with a vaccine that killed or maimed large numbers of people. Same thing in Africa. Apparantly Bill thinks some lives are not as important as others or the public would not notice or make a fuss over some poor people and what happened to their lives. Do you remember reading about what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did in India or Africa. Most people think Bill does only good things. The good things are for public consumption. His experiments with vaccines does not get publicity. Nor does his various projects and money spent with big Pharma research get very much publicity as he searches for a vaccine that is just right for his power hungry idealism

Think you would or would not have the vaccine applied to yourself

We are already monitored by what we buy, what we google, what we say on our cell phone, what we say on the internet--should I continue???

So what if we are not allowed certain activities, unless our body monitor says we are virus free, what if we can't get an education unless we are virus free

What if we are quarantined, if we have a fever from the common cold or flue. We already have a system to stop people driving their cars if deemed unsafe drivers. So what is different if we are not safe to mingle with society if deemed unsafe due to not being vaccinated.

So much is wrong with this kind of vaccine, but the public has already indicated their fear of infection, [social distancing for example] has become the new normal, those who don't wear a mask in public are shunned, whether we open up or not, several measures will be the new normal

Our economy has already been destroyed by fear, so why would people not want a vaccine no matter what the cost to personal liberty and shunning by society

I think the Mormon community punishes people for breaking certain rules by shunning. The americian indian shunned to the point of kicking members out of the protection of the tribe to live alone, mostly to die from attack from enemies

So the idea of a vaccine that monitors our every movement, what we say, people who will turn on us for breaking the rules etc is nothing new or novel

Bill and Melinda Gates have been called criminals by some members of the Italian parliament. Their voices may not be enough to stop this kind of vaccine

Would you be vaccinated if it meant giving up your freedoms and liberties

Ideals that much blood has been spilled to protect and now we are in danger of losing all our fore fathers fought for and wrote a constitution and Bill of Rights to protect this great land and it's people, from power hungry tyrants. Did we get a vote on lock down, did we get a vote on re-opening, what vote did we get. Only the use of force if we broke the rules imposed by others.

Will the administration of a vaccine, into our body, be another use of force??? as we are shunned by society if we don't submit to the wishes of those who will use force to punish us for not allowing a vaccination

Do you see this as a possibility or what do you see, coming down the pike 

By pj - May 17, 2020, 3:30 p.m.
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By metmike - May 17, 2020, 8:15 p.m.
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Good one pj!

All The (Pretty Relevant) Twilight Zone Episodes To Watch During Coronavirus


Picture, if you will, a world where mass public gatherings are banned. A cough induces panic. Workers are isolated in their homes, forced to hold meetings over Skype. Coachella is postponed. For the first time in nearly 20 years, Disneyland is closed. Even Tom Hanks isn’t immune

The thing is, we don’t have to imagine it: The spread of the novel coronavirus has brought about a new status quo, where social distancing is vital to the health of the population. Every new headline is a reminder of how the world has shifted overnight. 

In times like these, I turn to The Twilight Zone.

For those who haven’t seen Rod Serling’s original anthology series, the show asks its audience: “What if?”