Stks and recovery
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Started by wglassfo - June 25, 2020, 11:50 a.m.

One article says doom and gloom for the stk market

Another says buy the dips and keep buying the dips

Another  one says a v shaped recovery

Another says U shaped at best or near depression

Wow what confusion

What this tells me there is no market 

Just what the robin hood folks seem to agree on any given day

IMHO I think unless robin hood manages to sell at the top or at least more than purchase price

There is going to be a lot of statements that have been liquidated and balance owing

Can you collect from a 10 yr old??? who is holding a statement with a balance owing

By TimNew - June 25, 2020, 12:21 p.m.
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Best not to base your opinions/decisions on what you read in the media.  Where markets are concerned,  this has always been true,   but never more so than now.

By metmike - June 25, 2020, 1:16 p.m.
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Impossible to know the reality/truth about many things right now.

The health/direction of the economy...........race relations, climate change/weather, Trump's agenda, corrupt situations..........etc.

Manufactured and twisted realities to promote political agenda/self serving interests have pushed out legit, objective news as the leading source of information for most people in many realms. 

Amazingly, in many realms, there are 2 mostly extreme sides/positions that both fight to convince us that they are 100% correct and the other side is 100% wrong. 

Most people just go to the countless places that tell them more of what they think they already know. Then they can enjoy the bliss of ignorance  as opposed to facing the challenge of  cerebral adversity in contemplating the other sides authentic points. 

By wxdavid - July 2, 2020, 10:44 a.m.
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No this is not correct. It is not impossible to know the truth. The truth is that there cannot possibly be a V shaped  recovery in the US  no matter what your politics or your economic perspective is. Until the virus is put under control there can be no full economic recovery in the USA.

 The ironic thing is that the people who have complained  The cost of economic shut down because of the virus are also the same morons who wont wear maks   - including the president.   Yet the only way to get  Virus under control is to wear masks to shut down the virus and to control it.

 Not wearing masks is why the virus is out of control which is why the economic recovery will be a failure.  The irony of the entire situation is apparent to anybody with an IQ over 80. Considered Japan where wearing masks are mandatory --  a death toll out of 160 million people under 1000. Consider South Korea for the death tolls under 300 out of a nation of 65 million. Consider New Zealand or Australia Singapore or Hong Kong.  During the height of the virus wearing a mask going outside was mandatory

Every other Western G20 nation is engaging in a significant reduction of the virus. Even basket cases like Spain and Italy which had amongst the worst outbreaks and the highest death tolls now have the virus largely under control and contain with diminishing death and diminishing cases.

Only the United States is saying a complete collapse of any sort of containment of the virus.

 unfortunately because of redneck clowns who simply are unable to grasp any sort of basic science,  there is no chance that we are going to curtail the virus until we get a vaccine. We are certain at this point to hit at least 250,000 dead and many of the Southern States which had the shortest shutdowns, the quickest to reopen are now experiencing explosive growth in all cases.


  Even now Skeptics are arguing that the death toll is staying quite low implying that somehow there is now only a 24 hour gap or lag between getting the virus and the death.  In fact, as we know there is often a week or two later after getting the virus that the death toll begins to rise.

 Until the virus is contained there can be no economic recovery.   Partial recovery is already underway but I would argue that we are having is a G shaped recovery not a V-shaped recovery.   Some economic activity is better than no economic activity but until people can go to baseball games, football games,  hockey and basketball games,    until they go to concerts and malls,  and weddings and cruise ships …  and not worry about coming down with a virus and dying next week there will be no full economic recovery.


By metmike - July 2, 2020, 10:55 a.m.
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Thanks Dave!

I agree that more mask wearing in the areas that have significant COVID would help tremendously to curb the spread.

By cutworm - July 2, 2020, 4:10 p.m.
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" there is no chance that we are going to curtail the virus until we get a vaccine."

I would argue that herd immunity is possible. Reason:  1 Antibodies should be produced by surviving victims, 2 If no antibodies are produced there is no chance of making a vaccine as vaccines stimulate  a persons body to make antibodies.