Pelosi blames Republicans for killing George Floyd
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Started by metmike - June 25, 2020, 4:33 p.m.

Shameless Pelosi blames Republicans for killing George Floyd

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no regrets for saying Republicans triedto “get away with [the] murder” of George Floyd.


I “absolutely, positively” will not apologize, a defiant Pelosi said Wednesday in an interview on MSNBC.

           “The fact is,” she continued, complaining that the GOP's police reform efforts have been unserious, “I think you, frankly, in the press have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing.”

           To hear Pelosi say it, you would think that Floyd was killed in a Republican state — or at least in a city or county governed in some way by Republicans. In fact, he was killed in a city, county, and state where Democratic officials hold all the levers of power, and it was Republicans who responded quickly to the tragedy by introducing police reform legislation.

By metmike - June 25, 2020, 4:38 p.m.
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Pelosi is a master at vilifying the other side with made up stuff in order to brainwash people on her side to think that she/they are saving the world:

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                      By metmike - June 25, 2020, 11:52 a.m.            



Hilarious joke about the water cooler. Good one!

In today's world, no doubt alot of people will get upset that a person could actually make a joke that involved race.........please keep it up there because the best jokes, often are based on realities.

This is one of the big reasons for the problem.

One side wants us to think that there is a racist lurking around every corner(and in the White House), that racism is systemic in society and white cops have a deep seated desire to kill young black men(though ALL legit studies show this is not true-they commit 6 times more violent crime which multiplies the encounters) and the republican policies are racist.

We aren't perfect but this is bull. Race relations are great in reality(despite us being taught they are not), almost all cops are good cops and almost none of them are racist. President Trump is NOT a racist. That one is made up and partly based on white nationalists all supporting him and his nationalistic(MAGA) agenda. 

A huge reason that they convince people that there is a racial crisis happening in this because they know society finds racism so repugnant and wants it stamped out..........that people in society will do whatever we need to do to get rid of it.  

They present themselves as the party(organization) that fights racism and the other side as racists. This makes the choice for who to support crystal clear. Of course we would want to  support the anti racist entities and shun  the  racists entities.

Then, they present stunts and marketing scheme's to provide the illusion that they are doing things and showing THEY are the anti racist party (wearing African garb, tearing down statues, defunding racist cops). While actually being much more responsible for the actual REAL problems that blacks face.........lack of education, jobs and higher crime rates. 

This is no theory, its what they are doing, just like with the fake climate crisis scare came from the same play book.

Scare the crap out of people about a non existent apocolypse and present yourself as the party/entity that has all the magical solutions. Just support them and do what they say and they will fix it for us...........despite the reality of this being a great climate optimum on this greening planet based on every field of science and not despite of but BECAUSE of the increase in the entirely beneficial gas, CO2. 

That sounds odd because you've been effectively brainwashed by the gatekeepers to think otherwise. Effective critical and logical thinking in most people is becoming a thing of the past as we become totally dependent on the MSM, social media and politicians to tell us what we need to know. Strange how there are 2 sides that claim to be almost 100% right on everything and most people line up with just one side, get all their information from just one side and it turns into a cult mentality. You will believe everything that your side tells you, no matter how ludicrous and nothing the other side says no matter how obvious/true it is. 

By metmike - June 25, 2020, 4:41 p.m.
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                By metmike - June 25, 2020, 1:16 p.m.            



Impossible to know the reality/truth about many things right now.

The health/direction of the economy...........race relations, climate change/weather, Trump's agenda, corrupt situations..........etc.

Manufactured and twisted realities to promote political agenda/self serving interests have pushed out legit, objective news as the leading source of information for most people in many realms. 

Amazingly, in many realms, there are 2 mostly extreme sides/positions that both fight to convince us that they are 100% correct and the other side is 100% wrong. 

Most people just go to the countless places that tell them more of what they think they already know. Then they can enjoy the bliss of ignorance  as opposed to facing the challenge of  cerebral adversity in contemplating the other sides authentic points. 

By metmike - June 25, 2020, 4:57 p.m.
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Pelosi tells us below, that only she and the democrats can save civilization for Trump and the Republicans. Just like only one side can save us from the coming apocolpse from the made up climate crisis.

In every case, its the same thing:

We must do exactly what they say(vote for them or their policies) or we will lose civilization or lose the planet.

Ironically, their policies represent the coming cultural revolution which is intentionally CHANGING civilization as we know it by tricking people into following them.

They are removing symbols of the old culture/civilization right now...statues, monuments and other items honoring our past cultural icons. 

They are trying to defund police/law and order which increases crime and chaos, allowing others to take control.

You know its happening and probably shocked.............even Jefferson and Washington will no longer be part of the new culture.......because they had slaves.

That's the excuse to justify it but people much smarter than those in the BLM movement are using it and  have objectives well beyond stamping out racism. 

Pelosi warns: 'Civilization as we know it today is at stake' in 2020 election