the fauci first pitch
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Started by mcfarm - July 23, 2020, 9:19 p.m.   look!  just as accurate as his foolish covid predictions...and yet he has star status, first row seat, free parking, free food, hell maybe even a limo....think to the recent past and who else thru a first pitch so incredibly badly?

By WxFollower - July 23, 2020, 9:33 p.m.
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Zzzzzzzzz, Who the f cares how his pitch was or who else recently threw a bad pitch? How is that important?

  Fauci has been wrong at times. So what? He made his best judgements based on the knowledge he had at the times. This is a learning process for a new virus. That’s how science works. You adjust as more info comes in.

 Being wrong is not a bad thing because he’s human and that’s normal. But at least he doesn’t say things based on what’s beneficial politically. At least he doesn’t tell lie after lie. At least he’s speaking to all Americans and not just a portion. He says what he believes will help as many of his fellow Americans as possible. He’s not divisive. He’s not selfish.

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 12:36 a.m.
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I think that most of Fauci's critics are greatly misguided and part of that is the ingrained belief, that some want to convince us of, is that he and Trump are at great odds. 

Yes, he has made some mistakes and maybe issued some bad advice at a time when nobody knew enough to give the perfect advice.

And for sure, his priorities are going to be weighted differently than President Trumps(it's not his job to worry about the economy and Trump focuses alot on that element)

So some of this is inevitable and when you have the tactless Trump who speaks his mind about everything, saying stuff that puts him at odds with Fauci, like everything else Trump, it causes this huge perceived divide(exaggerated in my opinion).

In today's seems that most are either for everything about Trump(and against everything that is in contradiction to him) or against everything about Trump(and for everything that is in contraction to him).

The Trump-Fauci relationship AND that mentality above, has caused a ton of people to be either for Trump(and against Fauci) or for Fauci(and against Trump).

This means that Trump loyalists are biased in viewing Fauci. 

As a scientist, I have never been more impressed by a person that can communicate objective, authentic scientific information in a more understandable and useful way at this critical time. Not only is he in an elite class for being able to do that, he might be THE best ever. 

You know how I am a fanatic about authentic science and facts. If Fauci was saying a bunch of misleading things or pushing bad science, he would be on the metmike hit list. 

I will not criticize him for any understandable mistakes that he might have made in the past because they are tiny and massively dwafted by everything else good that he does.

Do I agree with everything he says?

Maybe not entirely but he is so much smarter than me about this topic, that I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

This is how I felt 4 months ago and that has not changed.

                Anthony Fauci-COVID-19 Task Force    

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 12:50 a.m.
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I have not been listening to this weeks COVID briefings from the administration.

However, its my understanding that President Trump is running the entire show and not featuring his scientists like Fauci and Birx.

This is a mistake in my opinion, if that's the case.

I will guess that Trump wants to capitalize on the opportunity to try to bolster his credibility and convince people that he should be given more credit  and seen as doing a great job handling the COVID crisis.

Trump is obviously learning alot as we go along and has changed some things that he was very slow to strongly advocating masks now.......even wearing one himself.

However, he will never be able to bring objective/honest information and answer questions like his 2 gifted scientists.

Please Mr. President, do feature Fauci and Birx in EVERY daily update if possible so that we get the BEST information each time.

By mcfarm - July 24, 2020, 8:29 a.m.
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"fauci has been wrong t times, so what" well isn't that just so magnanimous.  Just where is this attitide and grace when Trump is wrong? So Fauci is wrong? Well if you had owned a small business you certainly would not be laughing this guy off. If you risk everything you ever had to build this business you would not be laughing fauci off. I could list a thousand reasons fauci has hurt this country and hurt it badly. The pitch was a perfect analogy and it flew right over your head wx.

MM. Maybe Trump should have more science in his new briefings but the common folk have turned fauci and birks off. They muddled and stammered and stuttered to the point of pretending to be Biden. Get some new doctors, and there have been plenty on Tv who have different views backed by science. This start and stopping, unlawful orders without the legislature even in session has got to end. The crap our governor pulled yesterday is what is exactly wrong with this entire mess. A virus outbreak does not cause us to pretend we have no constitution. The legislature is the word of the people and the legislature need to be heard now before we further wreck this country

And yes the analogy was perfect for Obama as well. His and Biden's wasted 8 years in office with all the msm's telling us how historical it was...they should of said historically bad to be accurate. Just the way he tried to throw the first pitch.

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 11:24 a.m.
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Though I disagree with your opinion on Fauci, your comment made me suddenly appreciate you position a bit more.

I view Fauci and Birx thru the eyes of a scientist and as you just stated, yours and others are  the impressions of the "common folk".

My  biggest bones to pick with Fauci, are totally different than your case.

He did good and came out early,  warning of the obvious risks of the protesting but is being silent now..........despite him knowing the protests are responsible for a great deal of new COVID cases. 

Lots of people will disagree with my point but I already showed the VERY compelling data here. The data is that doesn't care about what I "think" should be happening, even if I am using common sense rationality. 

Also, as an authority, he should also understand how HCQ works to reduce inflammation(in the lungs) and would have to understand why so many doctors insist on prescribing it, along with strong evidence that its helping many patients..but he avoids taking  a stand on that, possibly from the politics(possibly because of big study which showed patients dying from it  was shown to be bogus and he's confused by the corrupted study data)

I think this is such a highly charged political situation because of Trump advocating it in a very unprofessional way, then, everybody else, wanting to use Trumps lack of communicating the information properly against him...........they have been on a mission to sabotage a very beneficial drug......for the sole reason that Trump is for it.

Seriously, if Trump comes out for something..........the other side turns that something into poison.

If somebody comes our for Trump or even says something nice about him. the other side tries to obliterate them...........Goya for instance. 

This mindset has been extended intentionally to the Trump/Fauci relationship as mentioned previously. 

Fauci is an elite expert with high credentials/credibility saying scientific things that the public respects. The MSM  very intentionally tries to exaggerate any perceived conflicts between him and Trump to make Trump look bad.

We have seen several times when it looked like Fauci would be fired..........but then found out that it was just MSM speculation and wishful thinking and fodder to make Trump look bad because they want us to think that Trump is against, what, Fauci and  everybody else is for. 

Coronavirus: Fauci says attending rallies or protests is 'risky' as Trump plans return to campaign trail

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 11:27 a.m.
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This was the right position to a wide margin and the dumbest thing that Trump has done in his life.

‘Of course not’: Fauci says he personally wouldn’t attend Trump’s Tulsa rally, citing coronavirus

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 11:38 a.m.
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This article is pay walled, so I can only show the title but its pitiful hypocrisy by this source.

There are probably numerous times more people that got COVID from the protests than even went to the OK rally.

So, if every person at the OK rally got COVID(3,000+), it would still not be anywhere  close to how many that got it from protests.

Trump's Tulsa rally, protests 'more than likely' linked to ...

The proof of my point is crystal clear in the authentic data/science. Again, my opinion does not matter one bit. The AUTHENTIC data is the data. 

It's being totally swept under that rug by the gatekeepers of the information(including biased scientists with political views-trust me, they have power)  for political agenda.

By mcfarm - July 24, 2020, 11:39 a.m.
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fine, where was this headline today?  Trump cancels huge RNC event in Florida for health concerns....I'll be darned the msm and those so biased {wx} have buried that story so deep it will never be released. But boy Fauci got the headline...he has gone for headlines and played the politics and bow we find has stock in a company he wants to control the vaccine....its past time for him to replaced....just my opinion

By WxFollower - July 24, 2020, 12:12 p.m.
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 You are so out of touch with reality and with the majority of Americans. I don’t even try to change your closed mind. I wish wxdave had not run himself out of here. I agreed with him on most things virus related other than the possible effect of the protests on spread. You claim Fauci is playing politics OMG

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 12:20 p.m.
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This is a great point on Trump cancelling the convention.

Extraordinary dynamic at play here. 

1. Trump has done a complete turn around from his previously, losing COVID position. He advocates masks and even wears one himself sometimes. He talks about some schools needing to stay closed. He says that its going to get worse before it gets better instead of painting  adelusional rosy picture. Wow!

2. The guy that held the really dumb OK rally, despite legit objections from anybody with now LEADING the way to cancelling a convention with more importance than a Trump rally.  

3. And he's doing it for all the right reasons. He is late with having this position but the thing that critics have condemned and disagreed with him the most on........has been flipped entirely to THEIR position. Wow!

Even if he is not doing it for the right reasons, this is a brilliant strategy.

This topic, by far has been his weakpoint. It has caused his ratings to plunge. The contrast between his losing position and the MSM position during that time could not be more clear and his loses were mounting.

So he has changed his position to the WINNING position. Not only is it the RIGHT position to have(coming late) but it totally disarms the MSM attacks on him for having the LOSING position......which he no longer has.

If his position agrees with theirs now, it's very tough for them to distinguish between the 2, in order to attack his position. 

Despite that, CNN still tried to spin his smart decision into a reason to attack him yesterday. Telling us the reason that this decision messes things up for republicans and and so on...............and of course, never mentioning, not once that this was a smart decision.

After seeing this complete turnaround in his COVID managing, I just increased his chances of winning in November by several %...........maybe up to 10% but possibly higher because he just turned lemons into lemonade.

"A convention official described chaos inside the RNC after Trump pulled the plug on Jacksonville. The official described the situation as "a multimillion dollar debacle and think of where that money could have gone," noting the funds could have been better spent on fighting the virus."

By mcfarm - July 24, 2020, 4:48 p.m.
Like Reply   so how are we to take this? Seems two likely ways. Number 1 fauci is a fraud and only wears a mask for TV and the msm's sake. Number 2 masks are requried by me the king for all the little people. As I am king I do need to wear one. As I said earlier Fauci has been reading his own headlines too long and now has put himself in a rather awkward and non-defensible position.

By mcfarm - July 24, 2020, 4:55 p.m.
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and that right there wx is where you trip yourself up. Of course Trump the President has to play politics. Maybe you had not noticed but politicians do that. Fauci is not supposed to be doing that, He claims to be  numbers guy. Fine, do your job, dig thru the numbers but he crossed that line long ago. And this little showboat appearance like an elite he pulled last nite ended his numbers job in my opinion.  Want further evidence you are wrong just read the new stunt he pulled during the game, can you say "hypocrite"?

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 5:19 p.m.
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You know what TDS is of course.

You are displaying severe symptoms of FDS.

Fauci Derangement Syndrome!

Let's put it a different way. If he and Trump were best friends and on the same exact page with their COVID plans, you would never have even considered passing along an article like this(Fauci didn't wear a mask with 2 other people next to him for awhile).

In case you didn't notice, Trump has shifted his COVID positions recently to line up more with Fauci's.

You know the old saying: "If you can't beat em, join em (-:

Appears like President Trump is using that mentality here...........and its one of the smartest moves he's made regarding COVID.

By pj - July 24, 2020, 5:19 p.m.
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mm:"Trump has done a complete turn around from his previously, losing COVID position."

Seems like he's also toned down his tweets and read some his recent statements verbatim. My 2 cents, he's taking the advice of his new campaign manager, who probably got data as to why his Trump's poll numbers were going into the toilet. Will he continue to follow his advice? Has he ever listened to anyone's advice for very long?

By mcfarm - July 24, 2020, 5:29 p.m.
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Personally I had my fill of Fauci months ago. About the time he stated it was fine to have sex with strangers on the internet. About the time he said this virus was no major deal. About the time he and Pelosi were busy laughing it up as Trump closed travel, saved lives, and caught holy hell for doing so. Do not like nor trust Fauci. You tell me none of things plus the stock in the vaccine company do not bother you? I do not have any fds. I do think there are many more scientist out there more capable than what he has proven to be,

By metmike - July 24, 2020, 6:07 p.m.
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Funny how CNN has decided to cover the cancellation of the RNC convention.

Wolf Blitzer, trying to turn it into a scandal because Trump didn't warn everybody doing the planning before hand, with this being so sudden.

So their position went from Trump is reckless to have a convention in a state with raging COVID and a good president would cancel Trump cancelling the convention because of COVID wasn't done the right way and he screwed everybody over by doing what they said he should do earlier. 

If Trump goes up, the MSM insists the right path should be down. If Trump changes directions to going down, the MSM tells us reasons why Trump going down was wrong anyway.

Regardless, Trump has suddenly changed course on his losing COVID strategy to one that will be much harder for the MSM to condemn. 

Better late than never but it increases his very low chances of being elected in November.

With the big concerns about law and order, crime and chaos in many big cities that line up very strongly with liberal views, this could add a few more million votes.

The people in those cities actually being affected will not vote Trump but the ones observing it from the outside with fear/concern,  know who they candidate for law and order is.

What to make of Trump’s “new tone” at the Covid-19 briefings


The political and public health implications of Trump’s rebranded Covid-19 briefings, explained.

"Surveys indicate the American public is equally dissatisfied with Trump’s performance in containing the outbreak. And he’s fallen far behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in 2020 election polling. 

With frequent headlines about Covid-19’s resurgence and, in recent days, about the White House’s spin campaign against top government scientists, Trump’s plan to ignore Covid-19 was no longer palatable. 

“The press briefings are simply the White House offering the American people a counter-narrative to that offered by the mainstream media now that we see an increase in cases,” says Jim Kuypers, a Virginia Tech communications professor who has written books on presidential rhetoric and the news media, “and also to bring up facts that are omitted or overlooked by the mainstream media in its coverage of the pandemic, facts that might help the White House.”

Is Trump changing anything about his approach?

Before Trump took the podium to brief the nation again on Tuesday, risk communications consultant Peter Sandman told me the first thing Trump should do is acknowledge that everybody in the country is struggling right now. And that was, more or less, the message from the president as he opened his remarks on Tuesday.

“It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better,” Trump said. “Something I don’t like saying about things but that’s the way it is.”

For Trump, who has described himself as a cheerleader for the country to justify his relentless optimism about Covid-19 even as the bad news piled up, that was a significant allowance. And it came the day after he had made his most forceful endorsement of mask-wearing, tweeting a picture of himself with a mask on, after previously sounding skeptical of their usefulness. In the parlance of Washington political reporters, this sounds like a pivot from the president.

These briefings are undeniably a chance for him to strike a new tone. Maybe this time it will stick. At the briefing, a reporter asked Trump if he favored more federal money for testing, after the Post had reported the White House was opposed to allocating more funding in the next Covid-19 relief bill. 

“If the doctors and the professionals feel that, even though we’re at a level that nobody ever dreamt possible, that they would like to do more, I’m okay with it,” Trump said.

All of the promise and peril of the briefings was revealed in that sentence. There was a deference to expert advice. But then there was also the hyperbole. That is, and always will be, the Trump experience."

Good graphs from this article:

1. New tests are 4 times what they were less than 3 months ago. This is contributing to the new cases(detected).

2. New cases were going down thru May, the suddenly in the 2nd week of June, reversed and have accelerated 3 times higher.......than what they were before the protesting. Yes, we were opening stuff up which is increasing rates but states NOT opening much that have lots of protesting, like CA are having some of the biggest increases. OR's rate is 6 times higher than the early June rate. New cases are double the peak in April!!

3. Hospitalizations are a key number. They dropped to half the peak by mid June, then have spiked back up to the peak right now.  So hospitalizations per case are about half of what they were in the Spring. Part of this is because many are minor cases that were not tested before and a big part is that  is these are younger people.........the age of protesters that don't get as sick.

4. Deaths had dropped to something like 25% of those reported during the Spring peak. Those bottomed at the start of July and are slowly turning higher. So far, not showing the same huge increase higher that the other metrics have shown for weeks. This is likely because its more young people and we are finding effective treatments. 

By cutworm - July 24, 2020, 6:16 p.m.
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"Personally I had my fill of Fauci months ago. About the time he stated it was fine to have sex with strangers on the internet. About the time he said this virus was no major deal. About the time he and Pelosi were busy laughing it up as Trump closed travel, saved lives, and caught holy hell for doing so."

I agree.

Is it because I believe these to be true facts. or do I also have FDS. Got to be "scientific" need the straight facts. is this what he said?

Also Fauci is an "expert" (sic ) he is only looking at one part of the problem. As head of a small co I know that none of the employees know all of the problems facing the CEO

Example. The bank wants ....

Sales are telling you something else....

The employees don't understand why you don't do ....

Bookkeeping wants ...

AS CEO you have to take the input from all of these not just 1 adviser and make decisions. and not everyone will be happy. And no one is immune from mistakes, except those who do nothing.


By TimNew - July 24, 2020, 8:40 p.m.
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Exactly perfect!!

when your only tool is a hammer, every target is a nail.

When you are building a house,  you also need plumbers and electricians and and and

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 12:51 a.m.
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Understand and appreciate  your views.

Some of the best ones here are good because they are different than mine.

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 1:36 a.m.
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"My 2 cents, he's taking the advice of his new campaign manager, who probably got data as to why his Trump's poll numbers were going into the toilet. Will he continue to follow his advice? Has he ever listened to anyone's advice for very long?"

I was thinking the exact same thing pj!

It's the only explanation that makes sense for this sudden metamorphose.

Regardless of what he says to us, he understands how far behind he is right now and was desperate enough to do a complete overhaul on his COVID plan/positions.

The reason that we can be confident that the specifics in the new plan were not his, is the fact that we watched and listened to the Donald Trump, do it his way plan for 5 months.

He did some things right for sure but the weaknesses were taking a toll on his numbers and he was doubling down............not adjusting.........making things worse and worse.

Then, suddenly, like somebody turned a light switch on, his plan changed drastically.....closer to what the other side has been saying his plan should have looked like.

Not a coincidence that the timing was exactly after he hired a new campaign manager.

Great plan(though most of us would have thought of it months ago) because it:

1. Addresses the weaknesses of his old plan.

2. Disarms the most legit MSM attacks on him. 

They will still attack everything but his new positions, are pretty close to the one they have had,  which makes it much tougher to distinguish between Trumps plan and the right/best plan like they did before. 

What they are and will be doing now is focusing on the fact that the delay in adopting this new COVID mentality has caused the problem to balloon out of control and he must be held accountable for the damage his OLD plan caused.

Will non never Trump voters overlook the old mistakes and vote the man with the new COVID plan instead. 

Like you said pj, can President Trump stay disciplined and humble enough(and reality based)  to remain on this present course the next 4 months?

I really think that he can. He wants to win more than anything else.  He may be a narcissist and stubborn and preferring his own plans but his desire to win (and being very smart) could result in him embracing this plan completely if it starts paying dividends.

I basically counted him out as having almost no chance recently..........but that was the old Donald Trump.

He is running against the weakest opponent that I know of in presidential election history. If not for that, he would have very little chance.

How lucky its been for him to run against Biden after running against awful candidate H.Clinton.

If Obama or B.Clinton were running in 2020, I think they would crush Trump. 

If Jimmy Carter were running...........I would vote for Carter(he was my favorite pres).

Carter might win by the widest margin.

Of all the presidents, J.Carter had the most honesty and a wide margin.

Him outshining Trump so greatly and distinguishing himself as the much, much better candidate in that realm would overcome any weaknesses in policy.

This should be Bidens strategy but it doesn't seem to be. 

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 4:26 a.m.
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Another reason that trumps new approach will bring positive results is related tho the main person in this thread....Fauci.

Many republicans dislike him but outside of that group, the vast majority of people see him as the top authority on COVID.....above all others.

If at all possible, you want a person like that in your corner. This is why the MSM has been trying to maximize perceived conflict between these 2 men.

Many republicans who dislike Vauci are actually buying into this narrative but don’t realize it.

The new COVID path for Trump is much more Fauci friendly. I see less perceived conflict and much difficulty for the MSM in trying to make Fauci a foe of Trumps. 

That said, at some point soon, ideally the daily updates feature Fauci and Byrd again. IF the new Trump advisor has it together, this will be perfect for those esteemed experts to be seen as ally’s working with and for Trump ..

This makes trump look smart, the opposite of how the majority perceive it when trump is at odds with them

I don’t see how this won’t help trumps COVID credibility crisis. His numbers should start going up again and he should gain on Hiddin Biden.

This could force joe to come out of hiding.

Up until now, it was best for him to stay in the background and don’t get in the way of trump destroying himself.

But now trump is remaking himself with a new and improved image.biden needs to show us something that offers why he is better under that environment vs. before....when he was just the not Donald trump choice.

Many will not vote trump, even if he discovered a cure for COVID but I am seeing a viable miraculous come back potential.

Keep in mind the Durham report is going to show....with solid fact based evidence and probably some indightments what trumps corrup enemies did.To try to destroy him.

One side will be convinced it’s all political to rescue trump. I think the timing .....releasing it before the election to maximize the bump higher it gives trump is political but the actual report will be authentic and damning to trumps enemies, possibly shocking with regards to ethics/legal violation.

This could easily get him several million votes.

Remember, last Fall during the impeachment trumps rating actually went higher.people felt that the attacks on him involved corruption and deception and for once, the felt bad for him

The Durham report will evoke a similar sympathy....just in time for the election.

It sure looks like better things to come for trump. If he can play off the law and order issue to maximize it to benefit him......he could have 3 different, powerful items working in tandem that actually could have enough total impact to result in him winning.

By TimNew - July 25, 2020, 7:20 a.m.
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A Trump/Biden debate will confirm two things.

1.)  Trump is a loud mouthed bloviating buffoon. A known quantity.

2.) Joe Biden really is in somewhat advanced stages of dementia.

This really is a no win for Biden.  His biggest advantage is that he is not Trump. Participating in a debate will be a big mistake as that advantage will pale, particularly among moderates.  All but the severe TDS voters will have serious doubts.  

By mcfarm - July 25, 2020, 9:02 a.m.
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so after spending hours re-reading lots of posts here and other places by those that hate Trump so much they would rather see our country collapse into burning cities with looting, robbing and raping, lawlessness, and rage. 

I agree we are fighting 2 pandemics now. Corona and stupidity.

even MM has already handed the WH over to the far left of the left. I still believe the far left has over played this hand od craziness and even Trump looks more attractive {esp his policies}

By 7475 - July 25, 2020, 9:56 a.m.
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Biden/Democrat/never Trumpers will be voting for Bidens VP actually because shortly after Biden wins he will have agreed totake the fall as in being declared incompetent to govern.

What a Patriot, eh!?

Listen,they have to have something devious up their sleeve in order to explain running Biden.


By metmike - July 25, 2020, 11:10 a.m.
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The debates could be the most watched debates in history.

There could actually be some surprises. Everyone here agrees that Biden is faltering, has advancing mental deterioration, which at times suggests strongly he could never come close to being able to performing the job of president.

In fact, enough times to disqualify him in the capability department. 

And enough times that its no secret or right wing conspiracy theory that the left is insisting is not true...........they know it too, although their position is...........

1. It isn't THAT bad and/or

2. It doesn't matter that much. The real person running for president is Joe Biden. The one on the ballet they are voting for is........"whoever is not Donald Trump"

This  is one reason why Biden has stepped out recently. The last 4 months of COVID, with regards to the results of polls, has been Donald Trump vs Donald Trump and Donald Trump has lost alot of ground. Joe Biden just got out of the way and let Trump shoot himself in the foot.

Biden's lead increased, not because of anything that he did to impress people but because people saw "whoever is not Donald Trump" more appealing. 


Here is a surprise you may be overlooking.

Peoples expectations for Biden will be very low. The less that you like him, the lower the expectations. As a result, people here expect a disaster for him. Give him very little chance of holding his own. Even his supporters with higher expectations have dialed in a few gaffs into his defines him today and it was expected when people voted for him because they think he has the best chance to beat Donald Trump. He won the nomination based almost entirely on the belief that Biden has the best chance to beat Trump.

Think about that mentality. Everybody that has it, is already a Biden vote. This is the explanation for him being the nominee.

But here is the surprise, no matter how bad Biden is, we know never Trumpers will not care 1 iota about his mental condition. Trump supporters will not care either. What has the potential to matter is the low double digit % that might care...........if its really extreme.  That group already knows that Biden can't think like he once did. No way do they or even Bidens flock expect a flawless Biden will not need to have that. If he has just a few minor gaffs but sounds good the rest of the time, it will be a victory, possibly big victory for Biden. His detractors will point to the minor gaffs as evidence he shouldn't be president.  Everybody else, including many using that to decide on Joe or not will think..............."that wasn't so bad" or "that wasn't  as bad as one side keeps telling us."

And no matter what happens, the MSM will downplay the gaffs and use sound bites of Biden's sharp moments.......and there will be plenty of those to play. 

It is conceivable that Biden could have a good night and surprise everybody. Somebody in his condition has ups and downs on the way down and when they are in up mode, in this early stage, they can be their old selves. 

If that happens, game over for the narrative that Bidens cerebral functioning disqualifies him.

Back out of future debates for whatever lame excuse that will be accepted and tell everybody that the American people already saw and heard Joe Biden and they can decide based on that.

By TimNew - July 25, 2020, 11:16 a.m.
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Could be,  but I'm not convinced the die hard Never Trumpers are enough to take the election.

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 11:24 a.m.
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Regardless of whether Biden can pull off a decent debate performance(I would give him at least 50% chance of that, with "decent" meaning accepting a few bad moments)........I agree with John.

There is no recovery from his deteriorating mental state. There is no medicine or treatment that can stop the inevitable, genetic and human health realities that will cause him to get worse each year.

No doubt he is already taking stuff and getting treatment, the best known to modern slow down the progress but it is still marching in one, inevitable direction.

So this increases the chance of  2 things that almost never happen.............

1. His decisions will be controlled by his handlers. He will just be a figure head/puppet.

2. His VP will end up being the president. Never before does a VP matter this much.  

Even the biggest Biden supporters know this. In fact, many of the dems not thrilled about Biden, from the extreme Bernie Supporters are celebrating this fact.

Sanders and AOC are controlling alot of the Biden agenda because he is so weak. The far left WANTS a weak Biden so they can manipulate him with their agenda............even more than they are clearly doing right now.

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 11:54 a.m.
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MM has already handed the WH over to the far left of the left."


As a scientist, I "try to" use facts and realities to define my positions. Personal bias is inevitable for all humans, which is why I like it when people here disagree with me. Getting the view from another vantage point, if taken sincerely, should allow a person to see things from a perspective they can't.

THEN, after doing that, they can apply the same facts and realities to see if they are still valid. 

This is called using the scientific method to test a hypothesis.

Instead of looking only for things to confirm it(confirmational bias) like almost everybody does........ we should be looking for things to bust it.

It's only after we can't bust it..........after trying, that we can have confidence that its the objective truth!

Views on Trump are the most divisive, political and emotional of anything in history.

But I try to take all of that out by applying the scientific method.............which becomes a habit, like everything.

Using the scientific method when trading is a MUST.

There are so many things to consider and no one person can know them all.

Producers like you, have an affinity to emphasize the bullish news/factors that bring the  higher crop prices you always hope for. This is human nature.

You also want Donald Trump to be elected and really want to defeat the extreme you view the news with that perspective.

Regardless of who I want to win, I am "handing over the WH to the left" .....this is perfectly fine expression and makes your point well based on the current objective facts.

With that in mind, you can't avoid my willingness to dial in NEW facts, which I already epistled on earlier, that are greatly increasing Trump's chances of doing a "Lazarus" and coming back from the dead.

I will wild guess that he has gone from a 2% to 10% chance of winning now(this really is opinion), with potential for that to increase fast if he capitalizes on his new COVID policy(without that, he was DEAD), the law and order issue and the Duram report.

The trick is to peak on election night. If Biden's peak was July, it does him no good in November.

4 months is enough time for these factors to cause a Trump peak in November.

But will it be enough?

If COVID cases keep getting MUCH worse, it  won't matter...........he has no chance.

If they are getting better and the improvement features him in this new and improved COVID managing mode during that time frame..............some people will change their tune in favor of him.

If they think his current COVID policies are working........they will be more inclined to vote for him............even if he messed up earlier because those are the policies we will be getting in 2021, not the ones from the Spring of 2020. 

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 12:13 p.m.
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Whoever told Trump (his new campaign manager) to completely change his message from "a rosy picture and great things coming" to the complete opposite......."its going to get worse before it gets better"  just put him back in the ballgame.  

When you make promises and cause very high UNREALISTIC expectations in people...........they are always disappointed when the reality falls short.

They don't believe you are using reality and they blame YOU for the bad results, even if it was not your fault. Telling them it will be great, then it gets worse causes them to be UNPREPARED and they blame you. 

When you tell them its going to get bad or worse...........they respect you more for being honest with them and seeing the reality and PREPARING them for it. 

Then, when it does get better, even a little better,  they are comparing it with the low point, that you predicted and in a relative sense, see a victory/progress.

If you told them it was nothing but much better ahead and its only a little better, its a defeat.

By wglassfo - July 25, 2020, 2:14 p.m.
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I don't have a vote as you know

But IMO this isn't about Biden for the Dems

It is all about who  the VP pick might be

By GunterK - July 25, 2020, 4:46 p.m.
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Sorry about butting into this lively conversation… but here are my 2 cents worth….

No doubt, Dr Fauci is the #1 virus expert in the USA. So what, if his predictions were wrong at the beginning. Today, scientists know a lot more about this virus than in February.

At the same token, Pres Trump knows nothing about viruses, other than what his advisors tell him. So what, if he didn’t take this virus seriously enough at the beginning…. so did Nancy Pelosi… so did the W.H.O. (and they may have lied about what they knew)

What’s important to me, and many other folks, is the fact that today, there are so many pieces that don’t fit.

Some “experts” demand draconian lockdowns…. others say lockdowns are bad for your health.

Masks musts be worn in public (even if it's just a scarf)…. but the CDC says, surgical masks are useless.

All large gatherings are forbidden…. but BLM protests are encouraged.

Some medications used against Covid19 are dangerous and don’t work… but they have saved 100s of lives.

Some experts say, Cobid19 infections are much more numerous than counted… but then we read memos that tell hospital doctors to county every death as a Covid19 death.

We hear about motor cycle crashes and gunshot victims being counted as Covid19 deaths.

We hear about people getting Covid19- positive notifications from the authorities, and they haven’t even been tested.

We hear about 100s of testing sites coming up with 100% infection rates, by not counting the negatives (this would dramatically affect the percentage rates)

There are numerous other confusing comments that have been made about the accuracy of testing methods.

Yes, “science” is important in discussing this issue… but what good is science when the data are being manipulated? (be it intentionally, or through ignorance)

And the big one to me is the discovery of the NIH (and Dr Fauci) being financially connected to the vaccine industry… in other words, the more patients, the more victims, the more fear, the more vaccines will be sold, the more money that flows into their pockets.

And even more alarming is the presence of Bill Gates (depopulation through vaccination) in this business.

I have come to the point of questioning everything I hear about Covid19

As you have probably noticed, I have not even mentioned the political factor in all of this. The Democrats need and welcome lockdowns, misery, poverty and death, to make sure Trump has no chance in November. Therefore, expect the "news" to get worse, as we approach November.

By mcfarm - July 25, 2020, 5:08 p.m.
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Gunter, you are never breaking in with you opinion. This post is another great one by you.

As I said earlier we are fighting 2 pandemics...the virus and stupidity....all while many are behaving like our constitution has been suspended

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 9:17 p.m.
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You make some excellent points. 

People just cannot know what to believe and not to believe.

We've been told  from many sources that hydroxychloroquine was killing people...............even as it has helped a great deal of people from PROVEN benefits/saved many lives and is one of the safest drugs out there(which I only know from doing my own medical research and ignoring the bs). 

We continue to be told, even today there is no evidence that the protests are spreading COVID, even as the data/evidence points strongly to at least, many tens of thousands and possibly MUCH more getting it from the protests(which I only know from doing my own data analysis and ignoring the bs).

So yours and others skepticism and cynicism about EVERYTHING is very justified.

It's sad that science/medicine and other realms, especially climate science have been hijacked for political agenda in a world, where the gatekeepers want to manipulate our thoughts/beliefs so they can impose their belief system on us.

We've advanced so very, very far with our technology, which is providing a top quality of life that would have been impossible to dream about from humans a few generations ago.

At the same time, it comes with a great loss of ethical standards, honesty/integrity and trust that we could count on from  our sources(many, that want to use us) from just a few decades ago.

As a scientist, you know that I will provide ONLY  the REAL science and AUTHENTIC data, completely independent of the rampant bs based on political agenda, presented objectively and not politically.

By GunterK - July 25, 2020, 9:31 p.m.
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".....As a scientist, you know that I will provide ONLY  the REAL science and AUTHENTIC data...."

I know.... you have proven this, over and over again. You are the person who has changed me from being a climate-worrier into a climate-realist (if that's a good description)

And I respect all the work you do for us, both in climate science and in the current corona debates

Thank you

By metmike - July 25, 2020, 10:30 p.m.
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"You are the person who has changed me from being a climate-worrier into a climate-realist"

1 down............... 1,000,000,000 more to go (-:

Actually, we have a few others,  including the previous (very liberal in his personal/political views) moderator, Alex McCallum who totally changed on this issue only.............based on him actually looking at the facts and authentic science that he'd never seen before.

But good for you in being able to use that information to have a more INFORMED opinion.