Joe Biden is the man for the job !
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Started by GunterK - July 25, 2020, 11:49 p.m.

For years, I have favored the Dem. Party and its presidents. However, since 2016, I had to struggle to maintain my allegiance. Fortunately, last weekend, an old friend of mine, a die-hard Democrat, gave me some valid pointers on why to put Biden into the WH.

He made some convincing arguments. Below are some of them. I don’t know if these points are accurate. You may want to use fact-checkers ( but use a democrat fact-checker… you can’t trust the others )

  1. Biden wants to build on the wonderful Obama/Biden era… in other words, he wants to make America great again
  2. Biden is a skillful negotiator. Example: A few years ago, a prosecutor for the Ukrainian government was investigating Biden’s son Hunter Biden and wanted to charge him with corruption and alleged money-laundering.    Vice-president Joe Biden then stepped in. He had a very brief meeting with the President of this country, demanded that he fire that prosecutor, or the Ukraine would not get the promised military aid. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the prosecutor was fired. Joe Biden does know how to deal with the leaders of foreign countries!
  3. Last year, Trump tried to restart this investigation, but failed. Apparently, Trump does not know how to talk to foreign leaders, as Biden does. In the end, Trump’s opponents started impeachment hearings, accusing him of trying to copy Biden’s method of dealing with foreign powers. Nothing came of it, unfortunately.
  4. Biden knows how to bring business into the USA. While acting as Vice-President, he once flew to China on government business. He took his son, Hunter, with him. When they were done, Hunter Biden brought home over $1 bill in new contracts for his businesses. Joe Biden does know how to bring money and business to his family, and, with it, indirectly to the US!
  5. Biden appreciates religion. Quite a while ago, all religion was removed from our schools. However, many people complained that this move had a negative impact on our youth. Biden now wants to bring religion back into the classroom.    Just a few days ago, he declared that he wanted our schools to teach kids about Islam. That’s good. .... Over the years, we have heard so much horrible news about ISIS. We never heard anything positive about them. However, did you know that ISIS fighters are wonderful dancers?  (sorry, Mr. Mel Brooks. I couldn’t’ resist plagiarizing this line from your movie )
  6. Biden wants to open our borders. Millions of asylum seekers will be admitted… and all border walls will be removed, so that even illegal aliens can enter our country with ease. The asylum seekers will be given free housing, free food, free health care, free education, etc. This means a lot of US citizen will have to work harder, to pay for all of them. This means, the unemployment rate of US citizens will be reduced…. and this is good.
  7. This same open-border principle has worked very well for European countries. A huge amount of refugees have found a home in Europe. A crime wave has now swept over many European countries. Most of the crimes in Europe are now being committed by refugees. This takes the workload off European criminals.
  8. Some opponents say Biden is a racist. There are videos showing Biden, in his younger years as a senator, using the N-word. But that’s no problem. We shouldn’t hold people responsible for things they did in the past.    BTW, did you hear the terrible comments Trump made when he was younger?
  9. While Biden was Vice-President, a Russian spy–ring was discovered in the US. Biden was in favor of sweeping it under the rug, in order to help initiate a friendly relationship with Russia. Quite different from Trump… isn’t he?
  10. Biden’s opponents often comment on him getting close to little girls, and sometimes even sniffing their hair. This means, he wants to be a leader for the young generation…. and the hair-sniffing is an indication that he values cleanliness
  11. Seattle’s CHAZ leaders asked their people to endorse Biden, because he is a “revolutionary”. See, other people appreciate him also.
  12. Biden knows what makes people tick. He stated that George Floyd had a bigger impact on the US than Dr. Martin Luther King. Well, yes…. He is right… look at the rioting that is still going on, 57 days after Floyd’s death. BLM organizers have already stated that their main goal is not to fight for racial justice, but to remove Trump from office. Once Biden is elected, peace will come upon the USA
  13. The biggest problem right now is the Trump-Virus.It’s Trump’s fault that so many people have died. Biden would have stopped the virus in February. Biden will be our savior.
  14. Did I mention that Biden wants to make America great again?
  15. And most importantly…. Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. Nothing else matters.

I guess, this is my SNL version of modern politics. Am I ready for prime time?

By metmike - July 26, 2020, 1:47 a.m.
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Funny stuff Gunter!

By TimNew - July 26, 2020, 6:52 a.m.
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The bet humor has a grain of truth,  but this is closer to the truth, the whole truth and nothing nut the truth so is more akin to sad commentary,