Election 2020
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 6, 2020, 9:22 a.m.

What do you think would happen if neither Trump or Biden concedes the election of 2020

If chaos reigns in the streets, the electoral college refuses to abide by the electoral college rules. Ballots continue to pour in after Nov 4 for both candidates, law suits, etc etc

Would the military refuse to obey, when their is no clear winner, as they effectively have no commander-in-chief

It seems the Dems are running several senerios if Trump is elected but Biden refuses to concede as Hillary spilled the beans about a powerful group of never Trumpers who would cause a constitutional crisis, both in the street and in the courts plus messing with the electoral college, among other things

One way to destroy america is to burn it down with help from the Dems after the election and not concede the election. Then blame Trump for the chaos in the street

I can't predict what the Dems will do but given Hillary statement when she spilled the beans about Biden not conceding the election some thing is going to happen that will be a crisis, unless Biden is a clear winner with no fraud attached to his win

I predict a constitutional crisis this election,   

By 7475 - Sept. 6, 2020, 11:36 a.m.
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The "Dems/Libs" display of hatred,fear and disdain for Trump and regime are dead giveaways something is at risk-something BIG- that would disrupt the former's "Grand Plan". 

 Sure, we can all find fault with Trumps personalities and mannerisms but his governance is actually quite good in 

so many ways as not to be construed as much more  extreme than some of our previous leaders. 

This Anti-Trump mentality is way too extreme for it to be caused by "normal" disagreement and opinion as we've had in the past.

The conspiracy theorists are looking more and more legitimate

 Just saying the extremes are much too extreme-something's cooking.


By mcfarm - Sept. 6, 2020, 3:36 p.m.
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as if people do not have enough conflicting info add this to the mix. An "election expert lawyer" with an ivy league degree on a cable station spouting off some of the most dangerous opinions. He says late mail voting will cause no disruption. He completely and falsely confused mail in and absentee votes several times. He says we are prepared. When asked how we could prepared when Georgia  will have to deal with over 600,000 mail votes V 39000 last year and another state will have to deal with 750000 mail votes while last year that state had 28000. Yes this is going to go quite well, just like the damn virus went with our so called academics leading us right into the ditch. There is an election in Ny right now, involving Maloney, that is over 6 months late in deciding who won.

This academic says our constitution has prepared for this and we have plenty of time between Nov and Jan....this guy could not be more wrong. Just wait til the dems file several false and fake law suits and they get tied up in court...this is going to be a cluster, a total cluster unless Trump wins every single state. And that id exactly what the dems are  after, a total cluster